1st 2018 Sunday Run 29th April

Well- that was a long, long wait, sure it was!

So meeting at The Lost Keys in Irvine @ The Maritime Museum Cafe. A favourite spot.DSC01442

A good turnout, as can be seen, with Knee-pads Ian being in charge for the day. Well warned by John G not to go too fast–  –as if! Good Boy.

We even had a Member join us from overseas- seems to like chips-  a lot. (not   on the menu in Cumbrae). they’re all veggies.DSC01451

Off we set- not even warned about the BLOODY POTHOLES- ya Bass!. Real humdingers they were.

I know we went by Girvan, Barr, Pinwherry & Colmonel and then finished up at the Garden Centre in Ballantrae for a a late lunch.DSC01456DSC01453DSC01455 By the time we got to the stop in Girvan, certain posteriors were crying out for respite- could be these potholes.

Nice weather most of the time. Even Girvan looked attractive! There was a certain split up of riders on leaving Ballantrae, Johnny going to check some routes for the Spring Run, while some went home direct or via Newton Stewart.

Rider of the Day was Elliot Ness, who was impressive on his old Triumph.DSC01460DSC01444Girvan Car Park

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