44th Annual Spring Run. Troon 18th-20th May 2018

How time flies! There is one, who was on the first still with us, Bill Sandford.. Certainly one or two more on the second one. The grey vote is obviously working, as this is the dearest hotel we’ve stayed in- The Marine Hotel, Troon- overlooking the Open Championship Course. As it happens, it was good, but very, very good???Untitled-4Untitled-3

Johnny and a number of WSVMCC Members met the Irish throng from the Ferry at Cairnryan. I am led to believe, Johnny was VERY forceful in his welcome talk regarding behaviour, such as no overtaking, keep close AND CORNER MARKINGDSC01532

This talk sort of bit him in the bum (has a nice bum you know) more later.

No matter, stopped at Ballantrae for fuel & to let two caring Members arrive from the far North to help with the marking (they needn’t have bothered)DSC01536

We set off to Colmonell and Pinmore. Apparently we went through Drongan, which is not on the tourist map, but even worse, one of the party accused this innocent town of producing a certain Nicola (yup). This error was corrected and the guy/guyess advised the guilty town was actually Dreghorn. (And I used to like Dreghorn)

Then to Maidens, past Trump’s understated (as if) Golf Complex at Turnbury, to Maidens for a wee, yes wee stop ,and to admire the sea-side scenery.Untitled-5 More of which we observed as we drove North via Culzean Castle and Dunure. We stopped for lunch at the Balgarth Pines. A fab lunch in wunderbar wetter. Hereafter we return to the thorny matter of corner marking.

No sooner did we leave the hotel then 1 body did not mark a corner. This was a bit inconvenient. To make matters worse Dosey Dave, King Kenny, Mick & Titch departed the hotel  BEFORE Tail End Grumpy. Thus a very tired old man, having marked the next corner for ages, & seeing Grumpy arriving, followed these geysers, as did Grumpy. Cucking Falamity!

Thus it came that George (a 5* guest), Oor Willie and the said 90 ish year old were finally forced to follow Trailer Man Bill, inhaling dust & diesel fumes at a frustratingly leisurely pace.

Crosshouse, Dundonald and other South Ayrshire towns were visited, although which & in which order I know not (couldn’t (see thru the dust off the said trailer). Great relief, finally arrived at our destination. A number of wimps who went direct to Troon were spread out in the sun, sipping champers & the lower class ones prosecco & beer..DSC01552

That evening we had a pleasant dinner, but apparently no coffee or tea in Troon. Johnny went on & on & on about his favourite subject-  marking or more accurately, lack of it. Waste of time, really. Also gave us a summary of the next day’s events, particularly visting a emporium with loads of classic bikes, for which offers were sought. To my knowledge, in vain.. Group for Web

So next day by Tarbolton, Mauchline, Galston, Moscow, Sorn, Stair and Waterfoot to Neilston to fuel up.

Neilston is famous for allowing Johnny to shower there once a month in the Swimming Complex, as he still only has an outside toilet at home.

It is also famous for an incident, when a friend, who lived right opposite the Co-op, phoned the Police as boys were breaking into it. Sure enuff, the  cops arrived and the boys terrified the cops who took shelter in their car while the boys used its roof as a trampoline. Enterprising, don’t u think?

Only 5 minutes later we arrived at Caldwell Golf Club for lunch. Sun still beating down & a lovely setting, about 5 minutes walk from the WSVMCC Club House.At Caldwell 1At Caldwell 2

A great run in the afternoon, going by Howood, Kilmacolm, Greenock and the overland & hilly road to Largs, passing Loch Thom. As it was boiling hot, Johnny decided we drive thru Largs, it was fair busy, and head for home by the coast. 

All well until—- wait for it— you’ve guessed it, a cock up in marking. Police have informed us that a cadaver of a very elderly man was found near a white Kawasaki at a roundabout between Irvine and Ayr. It seemed he had expired as a result of heat exhaustion & dehydration. On further investigation, it transpired that a doddery old a man, on a yellow BMW GS had been clocked doing 85 mph as he passed the incumbent figure while waiving 2 fingers in the air.. We will advise the funeral arrangements in early course.

While the remaining bikers toasted “absent friends”, in the sun, George & Jack were conspiring again. The evening proceedings went well, except more people arrived for dinner than had booked. Both Johnny & George gave very good account of themselves, with Johnny reciting a very “unusual” Burns poem. JG was presented with an Octogenarian gift, by President Jack of Ulster 30, as a Challenge, hick. This to go along with the stabiliser presented by John Mitchell, to ensure he didn’t fall off his bike (it has the opposite effect.)DSC01549

A great night, really enjoyed the company of all. Good to see Catriona McGugan joining us, as well as her great friend, the Honorable Sheena. Sore heads in the morning, of course.

DSC01681The majority set off at 10am to catch the 3.30 pm Ferry. Went via Straiton, over the moor road, ignoring the “Road Closed” signs, via New Galloway to Creebridge House Hotel in Newton Stewart. Lunch, as usual very good there and a quick burst to Cairnryan thereafter. Home safe and sound.

Thanks to the organisers, you had a stressful time-  some folk don’t understand the amount of effort and time spent trying to please the masses. A great job done- THANK YOU.

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