Grumpy’s Regular Greeting Postcards 26th May 2020

At last  we’re beginning to see some elements of normality at the end of the long, dark Tunnel

Your Leaderene has spoken, and we, hopefully, will be able to enjoy biking again in the not too distant future.

Obviously there are different ways of interpreting the rules (post Dominic) but the statement that most attracted my attention was “the Polis won’t be stopping drivers ad hoc”. Remember not to ride too far.

So Grumpy, over to you-

Spring Run 1994


Spring Run 2010


Spring Run 2000



Spring Run 2005


Sam`s Old Bike run Sun. 12-5-19

Our Chairman eventually arrive somewhat deflated after suffering an instant deflation to his rear tyre at Burnhouse. Resourcefull Johnny had a tubeless repair outfit, no holding him back then.

Our crew are very happy after eating an excellent lunch at the Kirkmichael Arms.

Les Ritchie enjoying a first class lunch with Liz and me.

My Ferguson tractor waiting for further instructions.

Everybody enjoying afternoon tea back at the ranch at the end of a good day out with Ben keeping a watchful eye on the hens.

We all gathered at the Maritime Museum for breakfast (Aka the lost keys) and set off heading for Dundonald, and then onto Bogend Toll through to Mauchline, then to Coalhall, then Hollybush, and from there to Dalrymple, then onto Kirkmichael for lunch at the Kirkmichael Arms.

After a very satisfying lunch we set off on a pretty direct route back to my Ranch for Afternoon Tea. All that participated enjoyed themselves. Colin Ness and myself enjoyed the run on our old Triumph and BSA motorcycles in the spirit of the day.

Sam Duncan.

Thanks Sam,  J.G.

Ian`s Cool for April Sunday Run.

And so it came to pass, that Ian was due to sort out a Sunday Run. This meant heading ONCE again southwards. Does no one appreciate the roads we have towards the NW such as Oban etc, Very selfish.

We met at Burnhouse X Roads, with Kenny Hair surprising us with his presence (family, friends & promoting his June Run). Also refreshing to see Sam with his new very nice silver-grey Triumph with Liz on board.Hayes Garden Centre for Breaky.

We headed on thru the wondrous & confusion of North Ayrshire roads and after freezing about for ages, stopped a short while at Abington Service Stn & then headed on fab roads via Leadhills and Wanlochead  & Thornhill for lunch at Moniaive.

This was excellent although slightly marred by JG and Cathie (Drew’s) having considerable indecision regarding which cake/s to choose. This went on FOREVER!

Finally, Cathie chose a rhubarb fancy and stated that she wasn’t worried as she had a potty in her mini, which has seen plenty of action.

Before we set off, you’ll notice a group foto with Les giving JG a £20 note. This is important to note as a certain present Member, insisted that Les owed him the £20, when Les had mislaid his dosh. Not so, it was JG that did the decent thing.

Now this anonymous Member with a white beard and BMW scooter- Mod like ye ken, has a history of misrepresenting himself. At this rate we’ll have to reduce him to the Membership of the BMW Club who can only stay at posh places such as The Rob Roy when we have to slum it at the likes of North West Castle and Peebles Hydro.

Johnny has promised to remind him (don’t give him your name Pike), that this sort of thing is frowned upon.

At Carsphairn (great roads to it) we continued North & split up at Dalmellington

Freezing ya Bass, that was the only thing that marred the day. Great friends (minus one with the beard) and a great laff.

Thanks, Ian. By the way, beware Ian on his S1000RRRR, due in June. Dark clouds gathering. There will be 230 good reasons for keeping out of his way.