Fife Foray Wed 19th April 2017

Well advertised but poor show. of course, Grumpy waited at Burnhouse, unable to detect the deliberate mistake in the email! Woops!

However JH Ron Gow JG met @ Linlithgow & ventured to Dave & Mary’s wonderful property. Both are very well, & Dave a walking miracle. Very busy doing up his boat/yacht. Full of lovely classic bikes & cars.Bike run 19-4-17 (3)

They decided to show us the way- and as you know, unless you know the roads, Fife is a succession of small ex mining villages & frequent coastal towns- “BE PATIENT”

Not so bad following a local though. Absolutely fab weather & a great lunch/”efternoon” tea, ye ken- pinky at the ready- a great laff.Bike run 19-4-17 (1)

Anstruther a final stop- where the chemist shops are crap- story later.

Then down the spine of Fife heading for Edinburgh where we got clocked. Not by the Polis but John Mitchell having a lazy day. (Suspect, Tachograph, as he tends to drive far too far & far too long)

Dave diverted off & we bade farewell to Ron in S Queensferry. The 2 Johns arrived home about 6pm & JG totally knackered.

Really nice to meet up with Dave & Mary- good on you.



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