Midweek Run 29th July

A Wednesday full of Eastern Promise but we went Souih actually.

Met at Waitrose Car Park, Newton Mearns, which is quite handy for a meet-up. Johnny had arranged to meet our Border friends in Thornhill, so that’s the route we took- a LONG way, but other than the Kilmarnock to Thornhill stretch it was quite good.

Not so clever was a Focus driver, who seemed intent on killing Johnny & then himself a couple of times. We were seriously concerned & surprised we didn’t come across his remains further on. Shades of Grumpy’s experience going toward Dunoon on one of our Runs.

Sure enuff, we met Drew & Nigel in Thornhill & had lunch there. A glorious day, after a coolish start.

From Thornhill the marvellous road via Moniaive to Carsphairn, where the T shop is now operating, after being closed for a while. Great outside area & quite Covid Friendly.

Johnny & the rest bar the writer went to Newton Stewart & the Galloway Forest for an extra 50 miles or so.

Could have done with a few more Members!

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