Another Pick-me-up from Norrie

Norrie has assembled a huge gallery for our benefit

This is a small selection. More will follow weekly or thereby.

I’ve seen the whole lot, but am unaware what this edition will contain— except for Glennifer Braes.

This is infamous, not because Norrie exercises there frequently, but because of a certain infamous tent he “acquired” there.

Details from Scott Dunwoodie.






Pick-me-ups from Grumpy 6th April 2020

Hi all.

Crappy, isn’t it?

Grumpy & I thought it might be a good idea to try & cheer each other up and keep the Club together, so to speak.

These are fab fotos from the expert, and hasn’t he done good?

What a bonny country we are privileged to live in?

What comes over, when you look at them, above the smiles, is that we used to get good turnouts, not that very long ago!

Who and why & what excuses for not attending?

By the way, when Alan Herd gets in touch with me, I’ll up-date the start of our web page.

Bike Club at Carrick Castle – Argyle 19-8-12


At Dunure Harbour



Sunday Run 2-6-2012

Sunday Run to Lochgoilhead 19-8-12

Grumpy’s Film Show 2-3-2020

This time it was our pet photographer’s turn to strut his stuff. 

You may recall from a previous post, that we received a box of slides from Jake Dale, the late Jim Dale’s brother.

Jim was a founder Member of our Club, along with the likes of Bill Sandford, Willie Baird, and an other who had sewn up pockets, but whose name I can’t recall.

So our Grumpy used these slides as a foundation for the show, especially, as Bill Sandford managed to join us, as he was the most likely guy to identify the early photos. Grumpy had added a selection of older, coloured photos which some of the audience could recall

All went exceedingly well with our Chairman doing the voice overs, more like shout overs- so a flurry of ear plugs being inserted, said it all.

A significant turnout for a Winter’s night, of some 20 hardies, awaiting the pestilence of Corona to descend on us & spoil our runs- better not!!!

Thanks Norrie- the boy dun good converting the slides to enable a proper film show to take place.

(I’ve got to say, that Botox & Grecian 2000 combination is better than I ever dreamed of)

A small selection from the film show.

WSVMCC Run 1982

WSVMCC Run 1982

WSVMCC Run 1982

David Kerr’s Annual Film Show. 3 February 2020

David very kindly supports the Club with his entertaining and varied Film Shows annually.

A good turnout- perhaps 20 souls were entertained to 3 films- all VERY interesting.

The first, which is very apposite today, reminded us of Donald, later, Sir Donald Campbell, son of the real deal Sir Malcolm Campbell.

Appropriate, as this film related to Donald’s attempt to beat John Cobb’s record, on the salt (not so flats) near Central Australia. A SCORCHING environment & small community, surviving, more or less on the by-products of sheep. This locality was chosen as it seldom rained here; indeed it had been dry for something like 7 years. The locals sorted out a run of some 15 miles in the sand, & progressively, Bluebird achieved 260 mph.

The time had arrived to have a full GO AT IT, and would you believe it, it rained, & rained. (Sound familiar?)

Eventually the effort was aborted and some 16,000 sheep re-occupied the land.

PS. Coincidentally, Sir John Cobb was also killed trying to beat the world water speed record on Loch Ness.


Kenny MacKaskill featured in the next film, this time based on challenges within a fully loaded Gym. Many hazards finally accomplished, after many, many calamities. The guy’s still intact- how in hell—?


Finally, and very amusing was the main motorcycle classic race in Goodwood. This featured a compulsory change of rider, and swimming pool weather. We all had a great laff, especially when a loony rider on a 1933 Rudge Ulster saw off most of the Manx Nortons (many “modern” short strokes) and the like.

His advantage was the wet and no brakes which resulted in mind blowing corner speeds. His other advantage was leaving his brains behind in the pits and the power of prayer.

Well done David, a great night.

WSVMCC Annual New Year Lunch 5-1-20

A Good new year to all our readers.


May I first apologise for not notifying you of this event- been a bit wobbit recently.

However, Bobbie etc have kept you up dated by email

In the event, The Event went very well as Grumpy’s photos testify

This years Willie Baird Award went to Gary Stewart, for his long term efforts as  Membership Secretary. Well done Gary.

So, with help from others, we’ll try to give you a schedule of events, shortly. I’ll be ringing looking for VOLUNTEERS- be prepared.


Blast from the Past- (but very oily)

Well I never-


Many, many years ago, round about 1974 the West of Scotland Vintage Motorcycle Club was founded.

One of the Founder Members was “Slippery Jim Dale” named NOT because he was slow in paying, but oil seemed to adhere to him and his bikes, especially his tyres, in a remarkable fashion- AND not only clean oill! He was, however, very reluctant to part with anything motorcycle related.

His bikes were fondly known as mini Torry Canyons, despite their tyres’ teflon properties, Jim managed to fling them round corners as if they were Michelin Road Pilots, not Dunlop Universals

Jim, unfortunately passed away some 4 years ago, however, his brother Jake, noticed our web page, and as a result communicated with us, and some of the email correspondence is printed below-

My brother Jimmy Dale was a founder member of the WSVMCC  and after his death 4 years ago I have inherited a few boxes of slides illustrating many of the activities in which he took part (vintage runs, gatherings, camping trips etc.) Although I was a keen motorcyclist myself for many years these mean little to me as I have lived and worked in England for most of my life. The slides are all of quite good quality and could be of some interest to current members of your club who will doubtless be able to recognize many of the ‘bikes and owners given an opportunity to do so e.g. at a Club Meeting night. I will be delighted to forward these slides to you for whatever use they may be to you as archive material or just for general interest in old bikes (e.g. there are quite a few good close up shots of engine/gearbox details) If you are interested please contact me and I shall arrange to post these items to whomever would be able to take them into their care)


Delighted to get your e-mail

We would be very pleased to have these photographs, since we have been building up a lengthy gallery

I remember Jim well. He was Chairman when I joined in the 70s. there are a number of us old yins still getting our legs over a m/c seat & enjoying ourselves

Very nice to hear from you

Best Regards



Hello John ; and ‘How do you do!’          T

Thank you for your response to my earlier ‘E-mail’ and I will shortly arrange to dispatch the slides to your care via the Post Office’s cheapest parcel post but I’ll keep the receipt of Posting until they arrive safely.

They come ‘free and gratis’ to you and your club mates and I hope you enjoy poring over them and working out the ‘who where and when’  relating to them  [some have  Jimmy’s scribble hints as to these details but most will need a bit of guessing. I’ve been through them superficially and weeded out some of Jimmy’s non motorbike subjects (there were not too many!) but you may still come across an odd one or two.

 I attended quite a few of the Club’s early meetings in the Uplawmoor pub (when it was still a pub) with Jimmy, Ian MacKay, Willie Bates, Norrie Provan etc. and I was back in the village and stayed in the ‘Hotel’  and marvelled at how roomy and posh it now is downstairs with everything having been moved around and improved.

 My greetings to you and all your fellow clubmen and as it may be a day or two before you receive the slides so to keep you amused till then, I’ve attached a bit of light-hearted motorcycling scribbling that I wrote some time ago just before Jimmy died. (We used to exchange these bits of scribble as a means of keeping his mental facilities busy while the Parkinson’s slowly took over much of his physical mobility.) ‘The Flight of the Angels’ is only the first two chapters of a seven chapter yarn which develops into an even dafter tale. The bit I’ve sent is all based on fact as I knew and worked with ‘Willie’ the hero on a local farm for a while. The next five chapters is pure invention of an ‘overheaded cylinder heid’ but if you’re interested I can forward it to you in due course.

                Meanwhile, keep enjoying the bikes, they give you a lot of fun in life!

                                John (Jake) Dale.

We are delighted to hear from Jake and his very kind offer to forward the slides. Hopefully, Grumpy, AKA Norrie, will attempt to convert to digital and in due course add to our Archived Discs. Meantime, hopefully again, he’ll include a few samples on our web page which will focus on some faces familiar to us some 40 years ago! Go to it Norrie & thanks again, Jake, when you read this


Camping Weekend 4-6th October 2019

This is a regular event usually organised by Bill Davies and his best pal Jimmmy Mac

This year however, numbers were seriously down despite the event being centred around the official 300th Anniversary of Belhaven Breweries. I say 300th, but it is known that a brewery existed there possibly from the 13th Century-  those drunken Monks ye ken.

Talking of drunks, your representatives at this particular event were forced to keep sampling the latest array of beers. They’re really on the ball here with a wide variety to suit most tastes. Our latest victim, Dave had the effrontery to go to the shop and select some samples to take away. well you should have seen what they threw  at him and said, you can have this £xxx worth for a FIVER!!!.

At the end 4 stayed at the Hillside Hotel, while the 2 hardy anals camped.

Dinner for all at the Hillside was first class, and a very good wine for a bargain price.

The next day, sore heads or no, Dave headed off home to save his fab model train layout from the impending visit of a certain grandson, while the remaining five went on a tour of the area propelled, ever so gently by Bill.

We went along the North Sea Coast, stopping first of all in Duns at the newly refurbished Jim Clark Museum. What a great place, small, but beautifully formed.

His history graphically illustrated together with a Lotus Cortina and a Grand Prix Racing Lotus.

Thence to Eyemouth, MASSIVE fish & chips, Sally seal waiting for victuals in the harbour, a sign on a boat succinctly letting you know what the fishermen thought of the EU

A tour by St Abbs (throwing it down) and then we  passed  Torness Power Station and off home to Dunbar

Dinner at the Hillside again first class and a more seemly bed time.

Sunday was a hellish wet start, especially for John Mitchell, our only biker, although with heated bum seat and a 65″ screen., and hunners of ponies at his disposal which he could hardly use.

A quick break at Dobbies Edinburgh & off home instead of the scheduled stop at the Shale Museum in Livingstone- perhaps another time

Not many but great chums and NO HASSLE- fab, fab, fab.


Thanks to Bill & Jim


Willie remembering the added cost of his front tyre some 2 years ago, when an over-enthusiastic Yellow Peril, (who admitted to hating motorcyclists), booked Willie for having about 4 mms of his front tyre over the yellow line. B-stardo!!! (not Willie)

Irish Weekend 5th – 8th September 2019

Yes we now, at WSVMCC, start on the Thursday & stay at The Dunsilly Hotel ahead of the main event.

The following text has been WRITTEN by George Shilliday, owing to technical problems and wearily TYPED by JG, since he is an all round Good Guy!

Friday morning was cooler with the threat of a shower, but still a pleasant day to go on tour as we set off from the Dunsilly Hotel. Numbers were down a wee bit from last year but it was still a quality field. Tony & Chris had organised the route (past a a notorious accident black spot!)  Editor’s Note-  this sarcastic entry was written by a certain Chairman who was “mounted” by another certain Chairman at this very spot. As a result, the  former has always found it painful to go for number 2s!) 

We then travelled northwards to the first stop at Cloughmills.

We got a sharp shower near Armoy and blustery conditions along the North coast with plenty of white horses showing out to sea.

It was much calmer in Magherabuoy House Hotel, recovering from the bustle of The Open- great lunch and nice to meet up with Linda.

The afternoon run was down the West side of Lough Neagh. Stopped at Portglenone Marina, where the lads were able to do a puncture repair for (who else but) Colin- not been a good year. There was quite a bit of traffic about as we neared our destination but we arrived on schedule at 5 pm.

The evening meal was a three course buffet, very tasty and that theme continued all weekend.

Saturday saw us head South West, led by Stephen and Emma through scenic countryside to Glaslough, an historic village beside Castle Leslie, now a classy hotel and event venue, where Paul McCartney and Heather Mills were married-  and how did that work out???

Ray/Roy opened his pub, and some had refreshments and used the facilities.

Onwards then through more scenic rural countryside to Monaghan, Clones and past Barry McGuigans house to the boat club house for lunch; courtesy of Geraldine and the Mad Dog Club, It was great food with a lakeside view, but no boat coming alongside with more beer this time!!!

The revenue from the lunch is going to two cancer charities along with the proceeds from other events the Mad Dog Club has promoted.

Saturday night’s Dinner was excellent, but just too much food for many.

Johnny’s & George’s speeches were well appreciated by all and it was good to have President Jack and Roy back with us-  also visitors David and soon to be married Kyle and Rhubekka, and Sam and Liz were congratulated on their forthcoming marriage.

After dinner we had some music in the bar and a little dancing demo by some. There was plenty of banter but we were able to retire at a reasonable hour.

On Sunday we were to head in the general direction of the ferry but also do a tour of East Tyrone and North Armagh; on the way we had a short visit to the Argory, a National Trust property. Then off to Moy and Blackwatertown followed by a comfort stop at Richill.

We then motored through Tandragee and Gilford to Brownlow House, Lurgan for lunch. This historic venue has been renovated following an arson attack (I blame the Irish Backstop and Brexit). It is now a well used tourist attraction and event venue. It was appropriate for Kyle and Rhubekka as well as Sam and Liz, that some wedding decorations were still in place from the previous day!

We made up a bit of time there and then scooted down the M1 in good time for the ferry

Altogether a great weekend, great company and good weather for the 45th exchange visit. Thanks to George and David for Photos


Roasty roasty Sunday 25th August 2019

By Jings, the film melted in my mobile camera, so it did, as can be seen. Rubbish fotos, wish Grumpy had been there.

Wish him well, we need him. On the mend, so he tells me.

Met at Gouldings which was fine & cool, but eventually, we emerged into the Sahara and couldn’t wait to get moving.

Thru Lanark & straight ahead via Peebles to stop in the shade in Innerleithan

The roads were remarkably empty and once over the hills we turned right at Jarrow (because the road to Sami Lyngs was closed, or so I thought- big trouble)

Tibie Shiels was covered from head to toe with foreign motorbikes from England (they should have been watching the Test match instead). So we gave it the thumbs down and hoofed it to Moffat.

Here it was busy. we tried to have lunch at the Balmoral, our usual preference but were not prepared to wait 1½ to 2 hours for lunch!

3 doors away was an alternative & while not up to our usual standard, sufficient unto the day.

Returned home as far as poss,via the A74, which is always more pleasant than the the M74

Grand day, shower calling!

Ronnie’s Run Sunday 21st July 2019

Forecast of Rain, Hail, Pestilence, Hurricanes & a Plague of Rats did not keep our Ronnie down. Neither the exaggerated news of his premature death,

Surprisingly, we met at Tarbet for a very hearty breakfast. Considering the forecast, a goodish turnout, including one of our new Members, Dave Mac

Given the conditions we decided to curtail the distance covered & headed via Crianlarich, past the Green Welly and very much enjoyed the “challenging” road to Dalmally & thence to Inveraray

We were obviously quite early, nevertheless some seemed to be starving some 2 hours post breakfast!

A couple returned by the A83 & A82 & enjoyed the DRY roads & weather, and lack of traffic.

The bulk (well named), travelled by Dunoon & Sheila’s Diner & got absolutely drookit-  bloody shame- what!

Nonetheless, a great day out, and well done to Johnny & Cathie for coming, he, having travelled about 10,000 kilometres thru Spain & France, returning barely 2 days earlier