Peebleshire Run 12-7-20

This was the first formal & legit run for the Club post March. Therefore there was a learning element to the experience.

A reasonable turnout as can be seen. After contacting Gouldings, they advised that we cross the road to their other venue, Valley View, now renamed for this edition as “Happy Valley” – you will recall.

We marched towards the Entry only passage, where we were met by a Blond Police Sergeant who directed Weans & Mums to the right, and old farts to the left.

Then name, address, inside leg & phone number before enterering one at a time to order & part collect your drink and cardboard box, if goodies only. Then to the entrance to the outside sitting area supervised with all cleansing material as required. Collect your hot food from a separate table. Thereafter, normality.

That is until when going to the loo. Well worked out, but one at a time, spotless & entrance supervised. Exit by a dedicated path to the Exit only.

By the way, Irene is offering hair transplants using Willies Excess Hair at £1 per strand: for £500 you could look like Trump the Chump.

How are they supposed to make a living? I believe it’s called the New Norm!

The run itself was very enjoyable, via Biggar, Broughton, Peebles, Innerleithan, Yarrow AND, because Tibie Shiels was stowed out, direct to Moffat & eating OUTSIDE. Some brought sandwiches, others bought the likes of fish & chips (Willies came in a cardboard aquarium it was MASSIVE, with chips on the side). One other, sometimes referred to as Mein Fuhrer, had sandwiches AND bought chips etc!!!

We returned by the old A74, some blind riders missed their marker, others rejoined and one other overtook us by nipping up the M74. So just as normal.

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