0Pensioners Day Oot 6th April 2017

Met at the  Gulf sort of Petrol Station as usual, in Lanark. No way hose was it normal.Bike Run 6-4-17 (1)

All digital with very confusing instructions, requiring your mother’s maiden name AND one’s inside leg measurements. We were the only customers

Luckily we had smartarse Tony with us, who aspires to be 30 yrs younger than his years.

Not a wise move by Gulf- Lanark is hardly Silicon .Valley. The next fuel station 400 mtrs away was fully occupied- lesson there!

As promised, off to Broughton’s finest T Room, which has been bought over and is back to normal- great scones & coffee. As we sat down and meeting Drew, who should turn up but Mr Big (Bobbie)Bike Run 6-4-17 (5)

So 6 of us had to go to Peebles because another petrol station closed, yes, the one in Broughton

Through Peebles to Innerleithen & over the hill (JG’s Aprillia Folly) to Yarrow & Tibbie Shiels. The only bikers there! That’s a first.Bike Run 6-4-17 (3)Tibbie Shiels

Since we were a shade sharp there, so decision made to go just past Sami Ling’s Buddhist Temple & stop there for lunch. En route the said Tony decided to check the road surface at close quarters, without, thankfully injuring himself. The huge BM though, slightly second hand. No sniggering please.Bike Run 6-4-17 (4)

Then a slight confusion by our leader here, the one with local knowledge, (allegedly). Missed the turn off to Moffat just after Boreland. Nonetheless, a good detour round trip, much enjoyed & we finally reached Moffat for fuel & tearful goodbyesBike Run 6-4-17 (6)

JH led us naughtily up the A74 & we reached home pretty promptly.

A great day out, full of chat and intense discussions- even political & still friends


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