Allan’s 3 Dinners Run

As normal, we met at Waitrose car park in Newton Mearns. We were aware that a significant number of our “Regulars” were on holiday or otherwise selfishly engaged, so it was uplifting to get all eleven of us to participate.

So normal service resumed with the second vehicle struggling within a mile. You’ve guessed it, a severe case of Morganitis developing rapidly. Now we were prepared for an initial burst of speed from the 3 wheeler, perhaps touching the giddy heights of (allegedly) 50 mph, but this lethargic speed was no joke.

Valiantly. Ron pulled & pushed numerous levers back & forth & between his legs, to no avail. 2 heart attack victims pushed the Moggie, again to no avail.

After mouth to mouth resuscitation, (yuck!), the 2 invalids were carried to their bikes, leaving Ron to either restart the car or fone good old Carole Nash/whoever.

In the event, Ron suspected fuel problems, & sure enough, dirt in the lines to the carbs. We tried to keep in touch with Ron, since he’s well over 21, but mobile signals were scarce & it was during the lunch break, when we finally got hold of a landline, and we found him, safely, at home.

Back to the mid morning- breakfast at the Rowallan Cuddie Centre near Fenwick, (in Administration), for breakfast (very quiet now), then off on one of Allan’s mysterious Ayrshire “God knows where we went” runs. We had to stop to encourage some circulation to our bahookies, however, the midgies were in great numbers, so only a short break from the Dakar.

Eventually, after Colin unfortunately had a wee mishap, to the wonderful Stair Inn, for lunch. Highly recommended, and that’s why we use it a lot. And a wonderfull surprise- John Sykes, who had been absent from our regular meetings for a while, dropped in to see us at  the Inn with his trusty Royal Enfield. While he didn’t make it to Rowallan, his image mysteriously shows him there!

Thereafter, some went seeking the 3rd dinner in the general direction of Largs, leaving odd persons behind, by dint of bad luck or serious misjudgement. Some dropped off being not so greedy or fat, with halos circulating.

So thanks, Allan, more power to your TURBO!