Willies Wobbles 19th August- North West

Wow, what a turnout and only 7 days since the last one!

Usual 9.30 am meet at Milton in wonderfull sunshine. Willie gave various thoughts of where we might go (the route, not the destination), so it was quite interesting to work out where we were going, as marking already a problem at the first junction.

No matter, through Dumbarton, Cardross, Helensburgh, and then, thank Goodness, a REAL Bikers Road to Arrochar thence, you’ve guesssed it, Tarbet Tea Room, mit fresh scones ‘n that

Sitting outside the Cafe in the sun watching motorbikes go by- could be worse.

Willie is very familiar with this territory- so off to The Rest & down the Devil’s route to Lochgoilhead. Past the thousands of holiday makers in the numerous lodges down the dodgy single track road to Carrick Castle.

What a delightful setting (see fotos). We must have spent an hour there in perfect bliss, sunning ourselves, absorbing the views & chatting with like minded friends. (Remember my sickly line, Allan?)

Eventually, we retraced our steps to Lochgoilhead, & had a very good lunch at The Goil Hotel. HOWEVER, their Management need to get their act together, as they didn’t honour the deal that Willie originally organised. Shame on them and a PR disaster. Perhaps a note in Trip Adviser.

However, on a more uplifting note, Grumpy’s camera didn’t half tremble when a strange young couple swayed by (see foto). I wasn’t sure whether he fancied the beautiful guy or his companion with the fab hooker heels!

So the usual schism on the routes home- the lucky ones via Dunoon, giant meringes & no rain, the unlucky ones got urinated upon & hit hellish traffic via Loch Lomond.

Terrific day Willie, 23 bodies, numbers rising- thanks from all.

Looks like 33-34 for Ireland on the 7th.





Mair’s Magical Ayrshire Tour

This was, I believe, Bobby’s first organised run. Not bad for a beginner. Met at Halleys, Burnhouse X Roads  & headed for breakfast at Irvine Harbour Cafe, better known as Colin’s X Keys (in deep pocket.)

And a pleasing surprise awaiting us- sitting like 2 Swiss gnomes on a bench facing us, Arthur with his Matchless and yes- Sam the Man with his lethargice Speed Triple, and his heart still ticking!

Once fed & watered, went a varied run by Dunure, Electric Brae, Maidens, Turnberry, Girvan, Pinmore, Barr (some hellish gravelly roads), Crosshil to Kirkmichael (not the I of Man one).

Here we had a great lunch, full of chat & hilarity as well as good grub.  A good turnout (see pics) and a perfect job done by Bobby.

Headed home by various roads, some, but not all, keeping to the speed limit- that’ll be right, Gary?

Thanks Robert, you’ve volunteered for one next year.




John Taylors 3 Dinner Run 29th July

Great turnout, although Douglas missed the bus with a non start on his BMW- yes a BMW non start!!!. Ewan McG is on his way to investigate- it better not be catching or we’ll have no Club!

Back to the run- would you believe it, scones at Tarbet first!

Up the lochside, Crianlarich, zapped past the Green Wellie Shop up towards Glencoe but turned down through the delightful Glen Orchy. Some REALLY enjoyed the run from Dalmally to Inverary!!

There we really enjoyed our lunch at The George. Some took the description of 3 Dinners literally & stopped off in Dunoon, while those with halos went home by  Loch Lomond.

A great day out, goodish weather & a big thank you to John & Doreen.