Mitchell’s Mischief Sunday 17th March 2013

John put a lot of effort into this run and he was rewarded with a real drookin and then some. Likewise only 8 people turned up, which was a bit of a let down. Shame.

However, John had organised a wee surprise for us- an official visit to WH Malcolm’s Truck Museum. Not only did he manage that, but Andrew Malcolm, the MD, and two of his sons entertained us there for about an hour. They, believe it or not learned a few facts from us, or should I say from Colin particularly & the other lesser “know-alls”, John M & John T.

Colin, it must be said, was a special know-all, and as a consequence put himself right in the front line to be our next Chairman! More seriously, the chat was very educational and we must thank the Malcolms for their hospitality. They even offered us the use of these premises for any events we might wish to hold. A real result- Thanks John for organising it.

Thereafter, to ensure we didn’t have any chance to dry out, we travelled the scenic route to Ardrossan and stopped IN THE DRY at the Marina. Ardrossan and posh yachts don’t somehow seem to go hand in hand- mind I haven’t been there since the last ferry to the Isle of Man- how many years ago?

Enough of the dry- off we went to Kilwinning and then to the Dalgarven Hotel. You may recall we used it a lot, as did our Irish friends  ahead, during  & post the Spring Run. We fell out over a disputed account, (they upped the price after agreement and witheld the tip from the Staff). However, we have to say, it was a first class meal, and very reasonably priced, and we were welcomed to a roaring fire, ideal for drying out our togs, especially the gloves- right Colin?

Again, many thanks to the organiser- it’s sometimes a thankless task- but the boy “dun good”. I persoanlly would like to take this opportunity to thank all our many organisers for their efforts- I feel they sometimes deserve more support- whatever the weather. Modern motorcycle gear (except my boots) cope well with the elements, its not such a big deal.

Strathclyde Police Motorcycle Presentation 4th March 2013

Colin Alexander represented the Police, bravely bringing along his fully kitted BMW steed.

Unfortunately, with all that bling on it- we couldn’t get the flash shots to calm down- hence the poor quality of the foto.

A salutary lecture, reminding us of our mortality, with some good video situations depicting potential hazards etc. it was not, by any means dull. Of particular emphasis was the ability of modern tyres to allow us to lean over till our boots were about to come off. Now who’se the whimp among us? Me,me, me!

Loads of questions, as usual, and we had to curtail the session, as we could have still been there.

Thanks to you, Colin

By the way- it wasn’t you that undertook that naughty manoeuvre turning right onto the M77 at Darnley- surely not!



Galler’s Adventures, Sunday 3rd March 2013

This was by way of an “Extra Run”, since we were all ready for it, & the weather had been terrific for some 10 days. Good but b–y cold!

JT proposed we go over the Campsies, not that he was going- but he’s good at suggesting! So your leader decided we’d meet at ASDA, near the old Motorradt showroom, and have a breakfast in their new Cafe/Restaurant. This proved a great idea, a perfect rendez-vous point.

So over the Campsies (where it got progressively colder), through Fintry, Kippen, to Thornhill, where we turned off for Doune. At Doune we aimed for Dunblane.

There we took the back road to Braco, (a great road), and along an even better flowing, open corner road to Comrie. This was a first for many- who raved about it. We stopped in Comrie to enhance cirulation & to negotiate lunch by fone.

Then through God’s own country- St Fillans, Lochearnhead, (snow on the hills, reflecting off the Loch), alongside Loch Lubnig, Kilmahog, the Trossachs, over the Duke’s Pass down to Aberfoyle, & finally, really, at last, to the Black Bull Hotel in Gartmore.

Liz MacGregor now runs this hotel, & what a transformation. She looked after us very attentively & the food was to die for. Complimentary tea & cakes after our lunch- what more could you ask for?

A RESULT, and all the better for being an “off the cuff”.

Rare fotos supplied by Grumpy & Dave Kerr.




So JT suggested we