Baird’s Bonanza 21st April 2013

As with most organisations, especially those involving outside activities, the Membership can normally be described as a mixture of personalities, usually divided into 2 types.

In the case of WSVMCC, an active motorcycle club, the split is quite clear- whimps & heros.

This particular Sunday, Baird was up to his usual historic best- organising the weather so it was peeing when we joined up & continued, off & on, for the rest of the day. Ergo only heros turned up. The rest remained sweating in their pits

Nevertheless, an interesting day- meeting at Milton & breakfasting at the splendid Ardarden Tea Room, just short of Helensburgh.

Thereafter via the challenging road alongside Loch Long to Arrochar & finally to the very new Argarten Hotel, about 3 miles North of Arrochar.

I didn’t know it existed, and it’s absolutely MASSIVE. It probably enjoys one of the most attractive locations of any hotel, with huge windows overlooking Loch Long.

My personal feeling is that it’s too large and as a consequence lacked atmosphere. The food likewise was quite basic & unimaginative. “Must try harder”.

Since we were close by- we decided to examine the recent works undertaken on The Rest and be Thankful road, old and new. The new one experiences regular landslides and when that happens a detour of some 50 plus miles is involved. So the old road has been resurrected seemingly with no less than 3 layers of tarmac and a slight widening of the final bend.

It appears that fire engines, buses and articulated lorries have driven up recently & managed the turns, including the final one. Willie McG, who was brought up around Cairndow, remembers travelling the old road by bus, when he was a wean. Strong arms required by the drivers- nae power steering then!

And so- three hungry souls stopped at our favourite Tarbet Tea Room for an uplift, pleasingly to find that a lot of customers had taken away our recruitment leaflets- “cast your bread on the waters—”

Thanks to the Bairds- maintaining a proud tradition, started by the sorely missed Willie Baird.

Johnnies Jamboree 7th April

All according to plan bar the fffffreezing weather.

From Clarkston to the usual Gouldings cafe in the Clyde Valley for brekkers.

Then a bitter & twisted route via Midcalder,Torphichen, Linlithgow to South Queensferry, where it was cold enough to freeze your private parts. Indeed Grumpy complained of this affliction, but no one was concerned enough to bring them back to life- that’s the way it goes, and you thought these were your mates (but not in the Biblical sense).

Lunch was consumed in the Ferry Tap pub & then a quickie to Forth Gear- but not much buying there, despite the discount to our Club Members.

I couldn’t believe it, but the party returned to the Clyde Valley, again to Gouldings to finish off their breakfasts.

Thanks Johnnie, all those attending enjoyed themselves- and have a great holiday, the first of your & Cathy’s retirements..


Sarah Mitchell- latest Member

Congrats to Allan & Lynne on the safe arrival of Sarah.


Extract from Allan’s email-

“Sarah was born on 25th by caesarian section weighing in at 6lb 9oz. doing very well and Lynne is recovering well.
She has more hair than any baby they have seen before at the RAH apparently! Already helping her Dad with the DIY as seen above.
Hopefully going to make it along to the club on 15th