39th Scottish Spring Run- 2013

Yup- next year will be our 40th such event- we’ll need to do something special.

This years’s event started off remarkably well- a great run down by some of us to Stranraer on the Thursday, where we stayed & supped at the North West Castle Hotel- yummy food etc.

Even more surprising was that on Friday morning, the weather was great, AND both ferries from NI arrived on time and at the SAME time so we could head off promptly.

Too promptly for some! Our replacement leader at Ken Bridge X Roads, was enjoying a relaxing coffee in New Galloway, when the convoy passed. No harm done & Drew took over at Crocketford.

Turning right there onto the A75 was a struggle, however, most of us arrived safely in Dalbeattie. From there along the Solway Coast Road to the fab Mabie House Hotel for a very relaxing lunch in terrific weather- the grounds tempted us to stay longer.

We travelled behind Drew who is a native, along the minor roads, fuelled up at Annan, and arrived in perfect time at our destination for the weekend- Gretna Hall Hotel.

This turned out to be a wise choice, as the food was excellent, the Staff friendly and this generated a great atmosphere.

Murray is roping in a number of Members and some wives to take part in a sponsored 40 mile cycle run. We held a whip round on the strength of a successful completion.The deserving charity is the National Association of Handicapped Bikers. This is based in NI, and we hope a similar effort will be made when in NI in September to enhance the amount, which was over £200.

Despite fuelling up in Annan, about 7 miles short of Gretna Green & reminders that we would leave at 9.30am on Saturday (we actually left nearer 9.45am) some ignored the advice, returned from fuelling up in Gretna, to find the main party, “gone”. Jim Downie managed to guide the remainder to the lunch stop.

Well, what can I say about the weather on Saturday- we all got absolutely drookit. The fabulous road from Canonbie to Hawick was totally wasted with the wet and mist, and it was a relief to finally arrive at the posh Macdonald Cardrona Hotel for lunch. We were not disapointed, except our Chairman couldn’t get over paying £2.45 for 310mls of still water- bloody hell!

Thereafter, back to the constant rain, via Peebles & heading, via Stobo to Moffat, theoretically to stop at the Moffat Woolen Mill Complex.

It didn’t happen- poor Linda fell off her bike avoiding a sheep, & she had to be taken by ambulance to the Borders General Hospital, near Melrose, Aileen went with her (which was a great relief, and thank you). However Linda was kept in overnight. She was reluctanly allowed out on Sunday, and Manfred and Charlotte kindly took Aileen back to Melrose to pick Linda up.

Eventually they set off, direct to Cairnryan. In due course she boarded the late (8pm) ferry with others, and her brother collected her on the other side.

Despite these events, we managed a decent Saturday night, while our gear was covering radiators. Both JG & John Sloan tried to entertain the gathering with short speeches etc.

The Sunday run back to the ferry was uneventfull & was slick. Not slick, was the service at the Urr Valley Hotel. The lunch was very slow and we were very concerned that some would have to miss out. Apparently, and allegedly, Chef No 1 was spending time in the local nick, and the second disappeared in a tantrum on hearing the news. Why they couldn’t tell us in advance, & we could have got the urgent cases fed first. I despair. Now off our list!

Another day, another $. Many thanks to all who contributed and a special thanks to Manfred, Charlotte & Aileen. You too Dougie and Ronnie.



Bobbies Bonkers 5th May 2013

Another great result- weather held on OK. 16 of us enjoyed the event. Breakfast at The Lost Keys in Irvine, then a very interesting route which covered half of Ayrshire, passing Loans, overlooking Dunure, Croy Shore, past Culzean Castle and stopped in Maidens.

Lunch was at the spledid Kirkmichael Inn, (pronounced Kirkmeechle), not to be confused with the Isle of Man one. The lunch was great & very reasonably priced. What about the Pavlova heh, Aileen?

Bobby took some effort to make this a very enjoyable day. Some people (especially those going to a BMW Rally), don’t know what they missed!

It;’s really heartening to note that so many Members contribute to the Club with their time- especially those earning a crust, where time is precious.

Thanks Bobby- a grand day out.