Bridge of Cally Weekend 14, 15, 16 June 2013

We all looked forward to what should be a great fun weekend.

Gathering in the Tea Room at ASDA Bishopbriggs, we set off over the Campsies in fabulous weather.

Even as early as this- going over the Campsies and looking over the Fintry Valley, was breathtaking on its own. Over hellish roads we joined civilisation at Arnprior and headed off to Aberfoyle for our first stop.

Hellish road surfaces continued on and off, however, the route was challenging in its positive sense- over the Dukes Pass, The Trossachs, up by Loch Lubnig to Lochearnhead, St Fillans and our lunch stop at 20 Shilling Wood.

Good atmosphere already and the weather was still fab.

Via Comrie, Crieff, over the hills to Aberfeldy, (we lost 2 vehicles at the junction after Gilmerton).

Fuelled up @ Aberfeldy, met David & Mary (fae Aberdour). Dave has had a tough 6 months, but looking well recovered and just as b—dy fast.

Then the  real magic roads to Tummel, Killiecrankie, Pitlochry- for our last top-up. Here the Gold Wing’s battery packed up- it was about 30 years old, and this jiggered Willie’s weekend to an extent. Indeed, despite a new battery the alternator was not charging, and on the final trip home, AA or Carole Nash had to come to the rescue (2 hour wait).

Back to the Friday, we lucky ones then took the A924 to Br of Cally- just another glorious road, and finally reached our hotel.. now 26 of us.

As you can see, plenty of parking,and a great location. In all respects the hotel did not disappoint- clean, wonderful meals, friendly Staff and we recommend it, unreservedly.

Saturday was a bit bleak at first, but by the time we reached Braemar the weather improved. After a short stop at Braemar off we went to Tomintoul, again the road was magic- wide sweeping bends, ups & downs, a bikers paradise.

At Tomintoul we found a splendid cafe, George met an old Mucker- who works at Balmoral- yep, another George and like Riddell & Shilliday- sporting a beard. (All Georges have beards)

Then via Nethybridge- which is now 10 times the size I remember, by Boat of Garten to Aviemore, where we had a 1½ hour break. Some gathered on the main drag at an outside cafe & conferred with the natives.

Eventually we got back to our base- another great meal & the rest- as usual late to bed, the worse for wear.

Sunday- glorious sunshine,. This time back on the A924, North to Dalwhinnie, Spean Bridge, Ft William, Ballachuilish, Benderloch for lunch. From there, we went home our separate ways- some, as can be seen, by Sheilah’s cafe for the legendary meringues

What a weekend- roll on next year for the similar event, based in Aberdour, supervised by Dave & Mary.



Pensioner Day Out- nae Sharrabang- Wed 5th June 2013

A general invite to our Members the day before, by email. The 4 usual suspects turned up- Norrie, John H, John T & John G. AND, very welcome too- Arthur the Braveheart.

A great day out – fabulous. Breakfast at Tarbet, a stop & chat to other bikers at the Green Welly. A blast up to Glencoe, Ballachuilish, and down towards Connel, stopping for a great lunch at Benderloch. We got soaked on this last stretch- not fair- wearing leathers, a rare event.

Returning by Connel, Dalmally, Inveraray, Loch Lomond & home.

The writer covered over 220 miles, others more.

Can we say respectfully, Arthur is not known for scraping his centre stand unless falling off. By Jings, by the time we had tutored him some, he was fair sending it along, without provocation. Well done Braveheart!

See, being pensioned off, is not all bad.

Sam’s Supersonics Sunday 2nd June 2013


Sam’s Magical Mystery Tour

We met at the Marine Museum in Irvine (better known as “The Lost Keys”.)  Of course- Crafty Sam lives ½ mile away- so a long walk for Glen that morning.

A good café & good parking.

Weather was ideal, not too hot for leathers. On a really hot day, they can be a pig, and you can smell like one when you stop. (speak for yourself, Ron!)

We had 17 bikes & Ron’s Morgan. The Club was sponsoring all old bike (& Morgan) riders/drivers, to the tune of £10 a head. Knowing our lot, anyone whose old bike could splutter or cough, turned up to claim the dosh.

Sam led the way & chose some superb friendly bike roads.

The run from Irvine to Stewarton set the standard, Kilmaurs next, under the M77, thru the village, a sharp left & the mystery tour really begins.

We weaved our merry way through village after village- all new to me (Ron). We even had a short stop in Russia- one of the big cities- Moscow- didn’t look that big to me!

About the time for lunch we stopped, nae lunch but bike heaven- classics, race bikes ,trial bikes & even some modern ones. An R1 for example, one you could die for or die on- your choice. (Young Morton was at the TT).

If you join our Club & come on the runs, you too could experience such fun, joy & hilarity!- unquote.

Trouble at Mill- all that coffee & tea from the Cafe worked its way South. Nae toilets, & Sam was oblivious to our plight.. Finally, someone knocked Sam off his bike, so he was forced to stop,and finally stopped properly alongside some bushes- but too late- lots of wet breeks!.

So, finally, 40 minutes later,  Loch Green, our Lunch Stop, and there was a mad rush to get to the loos!

Despite an hour’s delay, the grub was worth waiting for.

As we had little time left- it was off home.

A great day out- thanks to Sam


(Mostly Ron’s work- Thanks).