Johnnies Gutes Fart Sunday 18th August 2013

It sure was a good fart. As usual with Johnny,Clarkston ShopsMet at Clarkston shops & headed off for about 50 minutes to Gouldings very fine Tea Room at the start of the Clyde Valley Tourist Route.Gouldings Garden Centre

Some 12 of us (still missing George) headed for Biggar way but short of the town, took the road to Carlisle via Abington,IMG_0733Abington where we caught up with the errant George. Believe it or not, he was once a helicopter navigator. (many were lost at sea). He was turfed out of the Swiss Navy as a result. No change, then.

Johnny then steered us up & up into the Leadhills, till we reached Wanlockhead, a tiny village way up this interesting ex industrial area of Scotland. We even found an amateur gold prospector, who that day had found some gold, enough to fill a hollow tooth!Wanlockhead  2Wanlockhead

Great Cafe and super roads in good condition. Very attractive motorcycling area.

We turned right out of the Cafe area (George went left), and joined the Dumfries Kilmarnock Road. Good fast driving, with little traffic. Perfect. We separated (those that were left by then) at the edge of the M77, level with Stewarton.IMG_0748

A fab day Johnny & Cath- good idea to use a cafe, as each can spend as much or as little as they wish.

Ferocious McFearsomes Fantasy Run Sunday 4th August 2013

This was Ian & Elaine’s maiden run on behalf of the Club. You could immediately tell that they had spent a lot of time organising the event.

A Hell of a first off.

Gathered in Uplawmoor, some 13 of us & off we went to Hayes Garden Centre via Dunlop, Stewarton & Kilmaurs..Hayes

Duly refreshed, with the weather heating up, we travelled thru marvellous roads, many of which were new to a lot of us, with the most dramatic views over the Clyde Estuary.Fairlie moor

Especially noteworthy was the fab road from Dalry over the hills to Fairlie, & as dramatic from Fairlie over the top to Port Glasgow.Fairlie

Finally we arrived with ravishing appetites at the posh Palomino Equestrian Centre/Ingliston Country Club (hell of a distance fae Ingliston).Equestrian CentreLunch at Ingliston

Not content with arranging an excellent meal with doggie bag for Grumpy (which by the way he ate, with mint sauce etc), Ian got us back to Uplawmoor via an interesting route-

Much enjoyed Ian & Elaine- thanks a lot.