David Kerr’s Film Show 18th November 2013

As anticipated a professional presentation.

Ranging frm a trip to Garmisch by bike to a BMW Rally- Wembly Stadium by day and night- other Photo Club Members’ shows & so on.IMG_1173David 2

Impressive & entertaining.

Many thanks, Dave.

PS- bloody freezing again in the Hall. The Almighty, in Uplawmoor has guaranteed it will be resolved immediately with an undertaking from on HIGH

I’ll still bring a heater, just in case.

Johnnie’s Quickie 3rd November 2013

This another drop of a hat job. Johnny happy to organise a “quickie” as we know!Uplawmoor Hotel

So met at Uplawmoor Hotel. 7 brave souls, especially as a dodgy forecast ahead. So via a very interesting and mysterious route, we found breakfast about 45 minutes on, at our sort of favourite- “Graze” on the Irvine Road. Smashing place.


From the breakfast stop we drove to Dalry, West Kilbride thru Fairlie to Largs. Then over the Brisbane Glen Road to the Greenock Cut, down to the A78 near the IBM factory.

We then headed towards Inverkip & then towards Gourock and stopped at the Cardwell Garden Centre for lunch.Garden Centre

After eats we set off to Largs thru Inverkip & Wemyss Bay. Then via the attractive route to Kilbirnie, Beith, Gateside. Finally, we separated & headed for home.

A great uplift for this time of the year.

Thanks again Johnny- you’re a real candidate for Chairman- OH YES!!!




Archie Chalmers-Sir Alexander Fleming

With little or no notice- the bold Archie came to the rescue.

A little bit cheeky about your Chairman- but I got my own back.IMG _1140

Our Archie is very proud about the world-wide effect Sir Alex (no- not that one!) has achieved with his discovery of the first anti-biotic- Penicillin.IMG_1147

A compelling story triggered off by a Eureka moment, not unconnected to sloppy hygiene

We are all due debts of gratitude to his achievement, and he remained a modest man despite all the accolades heaped upon him.

Thanks Archie- much appreciated.