Johnnie’s Jammy Session 27th april 2014

Jammy, as despite forecasts, no real rain.

As usual, Clarkston shops, East Kilbride, Clyde Valley & stop for breakfast at Gouldings Cafe.Gouldings Garden Centre

Thereafter a deviation from the norm, going partly on the old A74 via Muirkirk.The Horses are coming

At a stop near Uddington while some were getting fuel, Norrie (as is his wont) got into a very heated “discussion” with a local householder. Fists and 2 fingers were displayed, and so the Police were called.

A police motorcyclist managed to calm things down without charging anyone, and while he was about it, he gave assistance to Bill Davies, who seemingly, lost his engine, He thought it was rear wheel drive, the plonker.IMG_1615

He finally found it and proceeded on his way.Rest stop at Smallburn Nr Muirkirk

Lunch was at Sorn at The Puffer, but I thought it was  the Olive Tree, The place was fine as was the grub.Sorn

So everyone could go home their own way- that is except Bobby, whose VERY nice 1400 ccs (yes 1400) Kawasaki decided that money wasn’t everything, & simplest is best! Yup- electronic trouble & hassle- where have we heard this before, heh, Johnny?2 bikes

Despite all sorts of assistance & suggestions (some VERY rude), & offers to whisk Isobel away to a secluded spot, the RAC allegedly arrived.

I don’t know if Bobby arrived home OK because he hasn’t returned my call!!!

Johnny, great day, by all accounts. Thanks a bundle.

Go to it, Norrie with the fotos.



Willies Wet , Very Wet Run 13th April 2014

Poor Willie, indeed, poor 7 hardy souls who turned up at Milton, for a real drookin!.Big Bike

Not SO bad at the start & indeed it was dry when we were INSIDE at Tarbet.Sunday run 13 4 14

However, the rain established itself, and again eased off while we lunched at Kenmore.

Thereafter- better not swear- but it was f—ing awful.

Lovely route, when dry, but a VERY long way when wet.

Thanks for your efforts Willie- much appreciated.



Johnny Mitchell’s Mum’s Day Tour 30th March 2014

Some spouses were “not amused” by the choice of date.

Despite the dark clouds hanging over some, overhead as well as at home, we had a great day.Milton Garage

Having met at Milton, John, being a very rich man, diverted us away from “our” Tarbet Tea Room, to a much more prestigious  eating establishment in Luss.Luss

Having said that, it was VERY good, but little change left for lunch

We then had a great run passing the Green Wellie shop, up The Glen & turned left towards Dalmally via the spectacular Glen Orchy Valley.Group on the bridge

Here we stopped at the interesting rocks & waterfalls, one rock which contained a hollow circle, of no mean depth & diameter, caused many years ago by the waterfall rotating the water. If you think we’ve had rain, this rock was some 6 feet above the current water level!John in a holeOn the bridge

Thereafter back towards Crianlarich stopping at the Green Wellie shop for lunch.

So off home, enduring a significant delay at road works where they’re widening the Loch Road. A big undertaking, but not before time.Loch Lomond

Thanks Johnny, dry, but not exactly warm, however, heated grips now working.