40th Anniversary Spring Run 23-25th May 2014

Rub o’ the Green or what! Imported that Weekend in bucketfuls.

As usual a number of us & them joined forces (19) at the North West Castle in not so bonny Stranraer.Hotel-NWCastle Hotel, as usual did us proud- but we were good & went to bed reasonably early- just as well!!!At the Ferry

Ferry arrived on time at Cairnryan & off via GirvanGirvan to Dalgarven for a splendid lunch. Many joined us there, the rest at Inveraray.At Dalgarven

As usual, problems en route- Bobby’s recent massive Kawasaki, which had already given warnings that it wanted repatriated down South (by getting a puncture. and then getting the AA for an electrical problem) and now another puncture, all in a space of 4-5 weeks. Message there. So poor Bobby, going by car, stuck with his lovely wife- could be worse.Bob`s Puncture (1)

Some hiccups with the Moggie, as usual, but it made the journey.The Moggy Not so Manfred & Charlotte- charged with impersonating Police Officers- I ask! They didn’t fancy the food in Inveraray Jail so we invested £4 and 3 shillings to bail them out.Bikes at the Hotel

We stayed some 5 years previously at the Loch Fyne Hotel, & it certainly was “fyne”Dinner groups 2Dinner groups

The dinner was great- small but posh portions (not Irish ones), but very tasty. Don Montgomery supplied a couple of bottles of Bushmills which were raffled on behalf of the Glasgow Hospital for Sick Kids. The lovely Shona Mitchell & equally lovely Fiona Baird persuaded (not much needed) the diners to buy raffle tickets & we raised £306 for that cause (This is the same good cause for which that the famous Easter Egg Run, where about 1500 bikers convoy thru’ Glasgow, raises funds).Speech & presentation groups

Mia Dunwoodie (a wee cracker) handed over the prizes with some panache.Mia picking raffle ticket

Whilst in Inveraray, we started dinner early so we could mosey into the Town & partake of whatever was on offer during their Bluebell Festival. It (whatever you chose), was in plentiful supply at The George Hotel who put on music all day & most of the night, changing the band every hour.

A number of us went & stayed, while others chickened out. Your Chairman may be many things, but doesn’t display many symptoms of that fowl. Neither does the bold Chris.

Having abandoned his long time bedfellow George and upset Ivan who was hoping for a Menage a’ Trois, Chris started selecting his prospective special friend for the night from a coven of what might best be described as “very easy”,(but not on the eye) “dead certs”, often bearded and of dubious origin, gender & orientation. He always was a fussy. So ladies, take care!

So many with delicate heads started recovering by eating excellent breakfasts & we all set off for the West end of the Crinan Canal where we stopped for ooohs & aaaahs at the beauty of the scenery, both getting there and at the destination.Crinan selection Not a boat was being lowered or raised in this Very high lift , nevertheless, the views were breathtaking- sunshine & no wind- perfect!Over the canal at Bellanoch

Again, absorbing the views, off to Craobh Haven where we climaxed again at the scenery getting there.Lunch stopLunch  stop 1 A perfect lunch & then off to Oban. Never my favourite, but sunshine can dim your senses too.Bikes at Dalmally

After an extended stay, most of us headed to our hotel. Some off to the Bluebell Festival, others to get some sleep, but you writer had a bevy with Irene & Billy, who was attired in his Long Johns & matching vest (for under his leathers to let you understand), definitely not a pretty sight!. After finishing the 14.5% wine- I didn’t notice.

Being the 40th Anniversary, the dinner was a reflective occasion. Many a wistful reflection (especially by Ron), & an appropriate toast to “absent friends”- for friendship is what these Clubs are all about). .

Lanyards (to avoid the Colin Virus- (associated with losing your bike keys) were handed out with stickers to mark the occasion.Mia & the Porpoise

Irene had bought prizes for the wee ones (but Sarah had to go home on Friday night, so Allan took the toy home). Wee Mia was pleased with hers, more adult present, and, together with Mum and the lovely Rhubekka, did the collection for the Staff “thank you”.

A previous Chairman of dubious ancestry insisted on reading out a ditty about a couple who got entangled in various positions, associated with interlocking ring wear (I couldn’t understand it). Many ladies left the room in high dudgeon, reflecting on very similar entanglements in their pasts.Car Park at Luss

Sunday looked dubious, however, the Rub was still with us  & we reached Gailes in good time, for the usual first class lunch. No rain.

Many split there, & more at Monkton. The Irish voted to go by Newton Stewart, & Johnny Haynes did the guiding to Creebridge Hotel. Coffee & eats & then off to the Ferry. Ronnie & JT accompanied the guests & all was well & splendid.

A great weekend- much enjoyed.







Bobby’s Dazzler Sunday 4th May 2014

Regrettably, louzy weather forecast, which reduced those turning up to 6.At Burnhouse

However, great fun & camaraderie.

I am totally ignorant most of the time, but when it comes to remembering how or where we covered the whole of Ayrshire, in the twistiest, bum curdling, arm aching roads you ever encountered, I don’t have a B clue!Cafe Razelle - Dundonald

Names spring to mind- Near Dundonald for breakfast- no scones!. Straiton, Dalrymple and Kirkmichael, some say Kirkmeekle for a splendid lunch & a huge Ibuprofen (400 mg) when I got home.LunchAt Kirkmichael Arms

Unfortunately, the newly revitalised Valentino McKay, who made a mess of his time with Ducati, decided he would be better off riding for Yamaha.KirkmichaelArthur

But complacency can demand a heavy price, & just as Shakey Galloway was going to dive inside him on a sharp bend at a bridge near Kirkmichael, he had a serious moment, possibly being upset at someone daring to try & beat him.

Once we got him to the hospital tent in Kirkmichael & attached a nappy to his rear end, we could stomach lunch without bawking.

A great lunch & a good run, bar the weather.

Thanks, Bobby