Jim Macfarlane’s Memory Lane 16th February

Despite being a very introverted character, Jim managed to gird his loins and give us a great talk.

On display were a pre production model of the reduced scale “Vital Spark” built by Jim & his pal as well as another model which never reached production or even let in water.IMG_3258

Jim basically recalled events & people in his past. He had an in-depth knowledge of Glasgow & it’s surroundings, with particular emphasis on Blackhill & Barlinnie!IMG_8015

We tend to forget the shortages & deprivation of the 50s, particularly in the West of Scotland, & the hard graft that all had to endure. There was also more honesty, family values, “help thy neighbour” which seems to have diminished with the passage of time.IMG_3275

Not to say that the talk lacked humour- never short with Jim.

Thanks for that, Jim

Bill Davies Expose 2nd February 2015

Can there be any more talent amongst our Membership- we’ll soon find out- so you better volunteer! All will have their turn!IMG_3220Untitled-1

No thumb screws required where Bill was concerned.

Very willing to share some of his moments during the time he lived in France. Only back for the NHS (note Nicola)

Otherwise, why would you come back- looked fabulous. Blue skies all the time, great motor related shows every weekend, loadsa booze. Go back, do not pass “Go”

A nice relaxing evening, good crack & good friends- what else do we want, except weather for biking- soon, we hope.