Galloways Gallop Sunday 22nd March 2015

Chris (of Kippen & Br of Allan fame)- I hope you’re looking- see what you missed- hope you can make the 12th April run (see events)Asda

What you didn’t miss at our rendez-vous, ASDA Bishopbriggs- was the “coffee” –  yuck!Fuel stop

From there, all 11 of us, over the Campsies in fine but cloudy weather, to Thornhill, Doune, Dunblane, Braco . Of course the road from Braco to Comrie is a biker’s paradise, except for the very bumpy surface.

Just short of Comrie, we diverted into Culybraggan ex Army & POW Camp.Camp 6Camp 1Camp 2 Here the writer was at an army Training fortnight when around 14 years old, & his enduring memory of that stay was the 48 seater toilet! Let your imagination run free & wonder!Camp 4Camp 5

All 50 or so Nissen huts are still there and of course, so is the recently declassified news that an underground anti-nuclear shelter is there, ready for the big-wigs to hide in & run the country from there until—  Vladimir, we may have to restore it yet!Loo stop

A quick stop in Comrie for those more modest souls who didn’t fancy the facilities at Cultybraggan & a fab run back to Gartmore, via St Fillans, Lochearnhead, Callander, Lake of Menteth & Aberfoyle.John & Liz.

Liz MacGregor was there to meet us and provide us with her cosy conference room, all to ourselves.Lunch timeIMG_3478 The food as ever was very good & Liz generously provided coffee & goodies free at the end. A first class venue for us- we feel totally at home there. We dispersed around 4pm- a Grand Day Out


Mitchell’s Meanderings Sunday 8th March 2015

,Met at Milton, all ten of us. Johnny, who knows, seemingly, every road in Strathclyde, took us to Morrison’s (no less) in Dumbarton to fuel up for the rigours ahead. The coffee was sh–ty. weather exceedingly “mixed” & b freezing- but we are REAL motorcyclists, unlike the other 50+ Members that stayed cuddled up in bed.21

First to the “blue shed”, somewhere in Dumbarton, where the Cutty Sark was partly built, (finished elsewhere). Then God knows how or where, we ended on a fab road high up in the hills, overlooking the area.

Then off to Loch Lomond (forgot to view the new statue of Tom Weir in Balmaha). Then stopped at the pier just beyond Balmaha, which is still used. Beautiful scenery, & remarkable number of visitors.34

Then the drive to Langbank & Johnny’s fab house on the hill, overlooking the Clyde.6 I’d been told how attractive the house was, and I was not disappointed. Just as attractive was our hostess, who provided very welcome hot home-made soup, sandwiches & naughty goodies.58 We spent about 2 hours there chatting & listening to Johnny’s latest escapade with the Port Glasgow underworld- hilarious- when he clocked his own equipment for sale in Gumtree!!!

What a wonderful get-together. That is what this Club is all about.

Muchos Gracias Senora and also you, John- a “Splendid Day Out”


Archie Chalmers Victoria Cross Presentation 2nd March 2015

Many of you will remember Archie who gave us a talk on Sir Alexander Fleming last year.5

We enjoyed that presentation so much, that John T persuaded Archie Chalmers, not Chambers you twit, to tell us the history of the VC.347

We were particularly unaware that virtually all medals before the VC were awarded solely to Officers. Scruff like us were excluded!

Archie had a copy of a VC, un-etched, of course, and a number of photos of various ribbons that were tried & used. It was Her Majesty that insisted on “other ranks” being included.1

This presentation was particularly relevant with the award to Lance Corporal Josh Leakey in February, for his bravery in Afghanistan. See-

As I recall, no female has yet been honoured, although, they were never excluded.

No doubt, in the present conflict saturated world, some poor lassie will soon sort that out!8

Thanks again Archie- see you next year- a talk on your next project.