Lothians’ Loiterers Sunday 21st June 2015

The sun shines on the righteous.

Whilst youir chairman was driving south from Doric land, thru ta tsunami, this lot were enjoying great weather.

The following is John Taylor’s report on the event-

“Our thanks must go to Harvey & Heather for the best Sunday run this year   

We gathered at Lanark & then sloped through Biggar to Broughton for our scones & coffee.


The team leaders took over & we went to Peebles, Innerleithen, Walkerburn & then took to the goat trails through lovely villages to Hawick.

Here we had a very good buffet lunch. On our return, we travelled on back roads to Tibbie Shiels .



From there (St Mary’s Loch), some went to Moffat for coffee, while others headed home.

Our many thanks to Harvey & Heather for leading. To Paul & Allison as back markers & Monty & Murray for marking the corners- a good day had by all”.  



Wonder Weather. Aberfoyle- Kelpies 10th June 2015

Not before time!

Great weather & 4 VERY lucky pensioners off to try out this trip for the Spring Run next year. Its a tough lob, but some one’s got to do it. Please note, no Sepp Blatter re expenses!.

Started off at JG’s, over the Campsies (always worth it), down by Arnprior to Aberfeldy. Kelpies Run (6)Stopped up the Duke’s Pass, to loud complaints about lack of food (& no Grumpy with us). So we managed, bravely, to have an early lunch at The Harbour Café on Loch Venacher, A bit too comfy & wonderful, as we spent too long enjoying the views, food, sunshine & company- yes, even our own. Scotland at its best!Kelpies Run (9)Kelpies Run (7)

At last, John on his son’s very noisy bike, led off, round the South side of Callander, via a fab wee road to Dunblane (missing out the nasty turn left in the Town), via Cromlix House, Braco & then the wee road to Aberuthven. This is near where the large foto on our Home Page took place.

This time back down Glendevon, to our favourite Scone establishment (see foto).Kelpies Run (1)

Again, kicking & screaming, JG had to haul the others onto their bikes. The next stretch was OK until we crossed the Clackmannan Bridge.Kelpies Run (5)

It seems impossible to find a suitable easy route to the Kelpies, either from the North or to the West. The Kelpies & the Helix are very attractive & impressive,, but the routes have the potential to lose half the Irish.

So boo-hoo, we’ll have to go back to the drawing board.

A more hectic journey home at commuter time, but we all managed. Great fun, “wish you were there”



Ronnies Overseas Trip Sunday 7th June 2015

Passports at the ready: off we sailed, with the Fat Controller already on board to supervise us safely during this 24 hour trip.Sunday Run (11)

Having negotiated Customs safely, (with a brown envelope quickly handed over), we travelled a distance to breakfast. Now if you’re thinking of buying a super dooper bike, be aware of all the bloody sensors that can make your life a misery. I can sympathise with Johnny & his “low pressure tyre”. See my VW- that’s 3 sensors in 12 months!Sunday Run (2)

Breakfast at the Garden Centre at Younger Park, as usual, first class. Then over the hills towards Colintraive where the whole road has been resurfaced. Great views & a stop to admire, as can be seen.Sunday Run (6)Sunday Run (3)

Then, as the weather got even worser, Willie’s bike gave up- but no fear, Norrie (Atlas-bodied) McNeilly was able to carry the downcast Willie to lunch at Skippers, just beyond Inveraray  A great find and a super lunch.Sunday Run (7)Sunday Run (4)

It appears that the only lousy weather in the UK was following our route, no doubt guided by sat-nav. However, it began easing off at last, and Willie found that his bike started no bother on collection.Sunday Run (8)Sunday Run (5) So he & most of the rest travelled to Sheila’s for a calorie intake & thereafter some finished up in Largs & watched Grumpy devouring more energy backup.

Well done Ronnie- very enjoyable.

Saturday- only Sunshine Day 30th June 2015

Gasping for some decent weather, we, like Eisenhower, saw a chancy opportunity to catch the “enemy” by surprise.

No decent weather scheduled for weeks to come!IMG_0002IMG_0003

Hence, met at Tarbet for Coffee etc & then up the side of The Loch, new cantilever road now open, as well as Crianlarich by-pass.

The bikes struggled to pass the Green Welly Shop without stopping,, but managed & then a brisk run up The Glen, stopping at a vewing point where there were loads of tourists (Must be doing something right).IMG_0009IMG_0014

A whizz round to the right at Ballachilish, turning towards Connel. (this is a fab road, much loved by foreign riders, as well as the Police, who gather enough fines to pay for the whole of Straclyde’s Police Force (alledgedly)

As can be seen from Grumpy’s great foto, We stopped for lunch at Appin, this being one of the nicest locations for views & food.Appin Tearoom

AP & Artee, Ian & JG turned left at Connel, down to Inveraray by Dalmally & finally stopped tor ice creams & coffee at Tarbet Visitor Centre- which is VERY good. (we’ll need to remember as a rendez-vous)

The gluttons turned right at Connel, eating loads in Oban, then Lochgilphead & the George in Inveraray, where they ate AGAIN. Good job they’ve got big bikes!IMG_0024