Pensioners Day out Thurs 30th July 2015

With the weather being so grim, the only day scheduled to be decent was this Thurs & thus a quickie was organised. As it happens, the 2 South of the River Johns had wallowed in a long & tummy filling run the day before- real greed, that is.Bike run 30-7-15 (2)

However, we congregated at Lanark & off to Broughton, where fruit scones were not to be had. Boo boo.Bike run 30-7-15 (1)

It had been a bit nippy up till then, but by departure it turned into a cracking day. Johnny Haynes set a good pace as you can imagine, but it kept us awake. Over the series of Megat reservoirs, the Northern one full & overflowing in bloody July- can you believe it?

We had agreed to go & meditate at Sami Ling’s Buddhist Temple. It’s a great road down to Eskdalemuir if you’re lucky enough to get there on a dry day. A great deal of work has been completed since we were last there (see previous story) & we toured the place & had some tea for the tum & peace for the soul. The Tree of Peace is always emotional to behold. The shelter it provides being of significance.Tree of Peace

From there with Johnny’s sense of direction being highly suspect, we separated but finally going backwards & forwards reached Moffat. Here we all met up. God help the 2 Johnny’s when they tour the Continent!

The Balmoral Hotel did us proud & we had our lunch starting at 4.15pm outside! A great meal.Bike run 30-7-15 (3)

Your writer exited stage left & rode off into the horizon, but the others visited Cathy (“Nicholson”) & then went home by Crocketford, Kenmote, Dalmellington & home by 9.15-9.30pm. A good LONG day- heh Willuie?

Old Bike Run Sunday 19th July 2015

Yes, yes, we know all about it- heard it etc. More old farts than old bikes, that’s true.

However, five elderly or very old bikes John Sykes’ Panther Outfit did us proud.PantherIMG_1045

Nice to see Johnny Haynes old BMW outfit out of storage, previously used for his own children, now being sorted out for his grandchildren. being tested out on this weather challenging day by the gorgeous Cathie. (she of the sore bum!)Cath and Elaine in Sidecar

A remarkable number turned up despite the weather for brekkers at Graze nr Dalry;IMG_1041 Including Sam, who was able to leave Anne for a short while. His trusted Triumph sounded great, particularly when taking Doreen home (who, post Br of Cally Saturday’s Hell, could not face another drookin- & I don’t blame her).Sam and Doreen

Bobbie arrived with his brand new BMW- VERY nice & not too cluttered & with proper front forks.IMG_1051

Finally, despite the constant rain, we decided to depart & travelled via Stewarton, Galston, Tarbolton, Stair & then lunch at Gemmel’s Garden Centre. Long queues but freshly cooked meals- very nice.IMG_1057Untitled-1

Time was marching on & a few decided to head for home. The majority continued via Patna (on more than 1 occasion! Kirkmichael, Straiton, Dalmellington, Patna (again), Annbank & into Hayes Garden Centre for more calories e.g. SCONES ya Bass.

Then home towards Irvine (by Patna?)

Thanks, JT a good day out with good numbers & plenty of rain, what could be more Scottish? (I blame Nicola for the weather- it’s been rotten since she took charge of the whole world, it seems)

Mid Summer Weekend 3-5th July 2015

Apologies to our German friends at Br of Cally- no fotos after all- sorry- Canon getting the camera back! Hotel had no email addresses for you.

All seasons in 3 days!

Historically, we enjoy good weather during this annual event- so we did, on the Friday. But see Saturday- drookit the whole bl–dy day & then some!!

We changed the format a wee bit, as your Chairman is trying to find a replacement, now seriously. So Ian MacP & Kenny Hair were very much involved. in designing the routes & suggesting lunch stops & the like- many, many thanks.

We also arranged to meet at Tarbet, although some met us at our destination.IMG_0170

Here (Tarbet), we met a couple of Dutch motorcyclists & had a great chat- perfect English, of course, shame on us!IMG_0167

We never tire of the day’s route, via Crianlarich, Killin, round Ben Lawyers & lunch at Kenmore, all in wonderful sunshine.IMG_0176 Thereafter the fab road to Tummel, Pitlochry & the challenging road to Br of Cally, the Hotel where we’ve stayed before.IMG_0189

Cooling off with pints of liquid in the late afternoon sunshine with great chums,  what could be better?IMG_0190

Dinner was fine, if a bit sluggish, but we suspect we were fed last so as not to deafen the other guests. these included 3 German couples, who were great guys & very interested in our Club. Hope you get to read this. Vielen Danke

Watching the teeming rain while enjoying breakfast, we swithered, but in the end decided “we’re tough”. Not so some wimps, heh, Ro, Gr, Ma, Ch, Ca. Actually, the wimps were the sensible ones. The toughies, which included women “with balls”, Irene, Cathie Haynes, Doreen, Evelyn & Elaine, were heroes as far as we’re concerned.View from Cairn O Mount

So, from 9.45 am to 2pm we endured what must have been the most intense, penetrating, f—ing freezing journey of recent/living memory. To add insult to injury, we lost Alec & Evelyn & poor Ian Hamilton, who thankfully had satnav.

Eventually, after all these hours we staggered into the Drovers’ Inn near Memus. A wonderful stop, great lunch, & we left them with VERY wet upholstery.

Returning at last around 4.30pm, your writer couldn’t get into a hot bath quick enough!. Bloody Norah was I cold- you betcha! The rest must have been likewise.

However, we all settled down & dinner was again OK if VERY slow, finishing around 10.30. Not enough time to give The Black Stump due respect.IMG_0200

After breakfast we split up. The bulk returned by Dalwhinnie, Roy Bridge (great coffee stop), Ft Wm, Appin & a lunch/snack at Benderloch. Back by Connel, Dalmally, Inveraray etc.

Not a weekend to easily forget. NB all who were there, came by CAR to the Club Meeting the next night.