Mount Stuart Adventure Sunday 16th August 2015

IMG_1129This is the story of the most outrageous adventure ever undertaken by the Club.

Your Chairman received a visit from his long term pat Ollie the Owl, who told him that the wicked Baron Johnny Dum Stuart had taken over the ancestral home of the Main Dynasty and installed himself in their castle, renaiming it Mount Stuart instead of Castle of Main . He was even allowing the plebs to visit it for money & even allowing the riff-raff to use the rooms for their hooligan type weddings- imagine! Thus the beautiful Princess Decibel effectively lost her inheritance.

We took a vote & decided this was a time for Action not Recrimination! And it was thus that 20 odd warriors and some camp followers mounted their steeds & took off to load onto galleys with slave rowers doing their stuff. The intention being to catch the wicked Baron off his guard & reinstall the beautiful Princess Decibel in her own domain.

What a lot of hogwash!!!

In truth the ordinary Mains organised this event, which included

.On the Dunoon Ferry

4 Ferry Crossings, 2 courtesy of the Club & Jim McGugan’s vintage tickets. We sailed from Gourock to Dunoon, breakfasted at Younger Park & headed over the hills to Colintraive.Colintraive Ferry There, the pirates were waiting to ambush us, the Government Backed McBrains  £11.50 for a bike & rider return- total sailing time approx. 8 minutes- daylight robbery & a Monopoly.

Driving towards Rothesay from the ferry was a delight. The views were orgasmic, with what appeared to be a sailing boat race with wonder views of the Cowal Peninsula beyond. Perfect surface, mostly. Rothesay was busy & looked splendid in the sunshine.

In due course we arrived at Mount Stuart.Mount Stuart HouseMount Stuart House 1 What an imposing building & gardens. For details check their web site. We couldn’t get over the fact that weddings were regularly held there and the vintage furnishings were all used, including the beds and even the fab dining table. Wow- I wonder what the insurance costs- zillions!

There were guides in all areas & they were informative & had a sense of humour- they certainly needed it!. Fotos taken by the dozen, food consumed & we left just before closing time.At Rhubodach Ferry

A trouble free if rapid return via Colintraive, Strachur & into Sheila’s Diner for calorie intake (by some!).IMG_1184IMG_1191On the way to Rosyth

Not content with that show of obesity, most went on to dinner at The Brisbane in Largs.Brisbane House

A truly wonderful trip- best ever & many thanks to the dis-inherited!