Peeblesway Run Sunday 27th Sept 2015

Again, as weather settled & Winter round the corner. a swift invite to those who might be interested achieved 7 souls.

Most met without difficulty at the Shell fuel station in Lanark, unbeknown to me- now GULF (sorry Harvey). Naturally scones etc at Broughton before deciding where to go.Sunday Run 27-9-15 (3)Sunday run 27-9-15

Decision- lunch at Harvey’s famous Carvery in Hawick. Great run, somewhat busy, but Harvey being a local, we travelled the odd wee road. He must have sat at the feet of JH when a nipper- ’cause he wasn’t slow!

As a result we arrived about 1½ hrs early & voted to enjoy the sun in the park which houses the Steve Hyslop & Jimmy Guthrie Museum. No- we didn’t see any bikes- we enjoyed a dog show instead. See Cathie with a wee dog, favouring her husband in looks & shape: believe it or not, called Johnny Boy!Sunday Run 27-9-15 (2)

The Carvery was excellent & the good Ian decided to thank us for welcoming him into the Club by buying our lunches. Cheers, Ian

Then a return via Tibby Shiels with Harvey at the helm, great chats there. Thereafter Coffee & Cakes at our favourite bistro in Moffat. With JH wound up, he decided to head the convoy up the old A74- ’nuff said.



Johnny’s Highland Fling Sunday 20th September 2015

This run, seemingly, was to be at the end of a long spell of good weather (NB the Pensioners had a fab day oot only 4 days previously). howewver, the rain held off, essentially.

We realised ahead of the event that “brisk” would be the catch word with Johnny leading the show, & thus corner marking would need to be top notch if some ordinary mortals were not to be lost

Some 15 of us met for coffee & many, many scones at Tarbet Café & then headed for Inveraray, the excellent, & almost empty roads to Dalmally & Connel. Muchos stopping for catching up purposes!!! Discrete driving (or so) till our lunch stop just ahead of Ballachuillish. A great location with fab views.Bike run 20-9-15 (1)

All had been fine thus far, & the sensible Douglas with the slowest bike, decided to go ahead & let us catch him up ahead of the Green Welly Shop at the end of Glencoe.Bike run 20-9-15 (3) That was Plan A. Plan B was the unexpected defunct motor on his BMW.

Selfish Douglas decided to breakdown in a most dangerous place with no Mobile signal, & so, other than JPG the rest went ahead. Nothing for it but for the said JPG to try to summon help via his mobile at the Green Welly & try (with great difficulty) to get Green Flag to send help, as he, (John) was not the insured.

However, eventually, common sense prevailed & help was dispatched & Douglas advised by passing motorists.

So down by the Loch side where the traffic was really building up. No more crises & everyone safe home. Including Douglas, some 1 hour later. All’s well that —



Bobby Dazzler

For those who didn’t know-


WELL  DONE BOBBIE- Silver Prize Winner for his Steak Pies in the Butchers’ Fed Annual Jamboree


Bring a couple on Monday & we’ll give you our opinion!

Irish Weekend 3rd-7th September 2015

Some 10 of us meet on the Thursday at Ayr & start our week-end there. Johnny Haynes led us via New Galloway, Newton Stewart to Stranraer & the North West Castle for a grand dinner & chat ahead of the event properIMG_1294

We meet the other wasters for our usual excellent dinner at NWC ahead of a VERY early call for the ferry on the Friday, leaving the hotel at 6.45am.. That is most of us leaving at that time.

Correct, the bold David X, seemed to have a wee headache & thus departed late as well as being misdirected by the otherwise excellent hotel staff. Thus it was that David crossed paths with the frantic Alec heading rather late in the opposite direction, (he tells me he nearly exceeded the speed limit), making the boat by winging his way upwards, as the ramp was rising, on to the ferry. Dave, of course, went to Stena who had no knowledge of him. Drink can be an evil thing, don’t you think?3 Bad Boy`s

All well on board, bar one honker (the sea was rather unsettled). Met at the other side by a huge contingent.At Larne (1)

Ken (Mad Dog that he is), guided some 10 of us at a more than moderate speed to our lunch stop. Don’t ask me where we went, all I could concentrate on was his rear tyre. Worrying was the sign for Toome, where we were all apparently heading, bar a miracle.

The main body went via the A2 to Red Bay for a stop, then to Torr Head to Ballycastle, & the Marine Hotel where we all met up for lunch.

Shock, horror, couldn’t believe it- started raining- not on the schedule at all!

Never mind, this time we all went as a team. Along the coast- fantastic views, via Bushmills to Portrush and the few yards to our destination, the Magherabuoy Hotel.Hotel

A great find, delighted with the rooms. The food was perfect.Tables 1Tables 2

The next morning was fine. A number of day visitors from the Ulster 30 Club joined us, including Mark Fenton with his wicked 3 wheeled flyer. It was as well he was there, as he helped tow Ian Cunningham’s Kawasaki to get it started.The big pullIMG_1399 

 Again we split into 2 groups, One slowish & the other, not so slowish. Ken seemed  more restrained, perhaps Adrienne had a hand or elbow sorting him out? Doreen tried to control her wayward husband, to no avail. Again, as I was with Ken, I had no idea which direction we took. We did, however arrive at a cliff-top, where the Lotus owners Club had gathered. Very nice too, & so were the cars.Malin Head 1Malin HeadMalin Head 2 We did venture into the Republic a time or two, but finished up for lunch, again in harmony at the Presbyterian Church Hall, in Strabane, where we’d been before. The Staff were great & it was enough to eat.Lunch at StrabaneChurch hall - StrabaneRepair work

Again, headed back together via great wee roads finishing up on the outskirts of Coleraine & the short distance to our hotel. The hotel put on an Air Show for us, within budget. The fast aircraft such as the Red Arrows also participated in the Ayr Airshow, since they were only a minute ot two apart!Rest stopGroup Photo at Bishop`s View

Sunday started damp, which curtailed cornering as George took us round the North West 200 Course. In addition, the traffic was grim, as the Airshow ran into Sunday. Ian Cunningham’s bike was struggling (suspect as a result of languishing unloved for so long) & was trailered to the ferry.IMG_1436

This time George took us all a great variety of roads, & we stopped at The Dark Hedges, featured dramatically in the Game of Thrones. Loadsa tourists gathered & we made sure to block the roads to trap them.The Dark Hedge (2)The Dark Hedge (1)Game of Thrones  stopIMG_1439

Broughshane was our lunch stop at the Thatch where we’d been a number of times. Imprinted on our memories were the enormous portions, and this has not changed- great value & very nice too.After lunch at the Thatch

Some 30 miles on & we arrived at Larne to board the fast craft, which is only used when the sea is calm. Ian didn’t think it was calm, & given the unusual event of  him actually eating his lunch, we all felt for him, well most of us did.

Arrived on time & in sunlight- absolutely perfect. So was the weekend & many thanks again to George & Ken