Burns Night- Archie Chalmers- The Burns Federation 18th Jan 2016

Before we sat down to listen to Archie- another first & a RESULT.

Bobbie supplied us with fab Pies, made with thin pastry & containing tatties, haggis & neeps  AND 2000 calories. Bloody great- Thanks Bobbie

We were lucky enough to book Archie again as a Winter Speaker to our Club.

Archie is famous for his detailed research into individual pieces of history, viz his talks on Sir Alexander Fleming & The Victoria Cross.

Perhaps more obscure is the history of the establishment of the Burns Federation. This is & was the body that overseas the overall welfare and the reputation & authenticity associated with the Bard. It is “overhanging” the thousands of Burns Clubs throughout the World.

It was interesting to note that it took an enthusiast from London, one from Greenock & one from Kilmarnock to get the Federation established. More disappointing is to note the almost total disinterest of the elected officials in Kilmarnock to acknowledge the history & indeed the potential tourist value to the town. Shame on them.IMG_ 1758

So another night & another dollar. great to see & hear you again, Archie- hopefully you’ll entertain us next Winter.IMG_1761

Hangover Run/Get-together Sunday 3rd January 2016


Thank Goodness we still have heros in our Club. We were able to mention the “Hangover” bit only because the 2 Daves came out of hibernation on their bikes.image11

The rest of us, some 25 or so, wallowed in the comfort of our cars & we all enjoyed our visit to The Brisbane, as we did last New Year.image3IMG_1752IMG_17555IMG_1754

Good to start the Year with a bang with friends & hope this bloody awful weather improves & that we get a good Spring, Summer & Autumn. We certainly deserve it. Pity on those who have been effected by the floods- a very difficult time for them.

Burns Night next- looking forward to Bobbie’s Haggis Pies

Late Late News- one other hero who didn’t make it- Elliot Ness tumbled off his wee Triumph near Glengarnock- no pain other than bruises & a couple of scuffs on the bike. Sorry to hear that Colin. We missed you!