Trailer for no Rent

Another value added to the high Membership Subs that we impose- £5 / £10 pa.

The Club has purchased a 2 bike trailer of some substance (but not too heavy) that can even accommodate 2 large BMWs- as if they EVER break down!Bike Trailer

The unit is under the control of Johnny Haynes who will look after it. Brown envelopes accepted.

Club Members may borrow for short periods for no charge, but will pay for any repair.Bike Trailer 1

A proper rear number plate has to be provided to attach to the tail board. Ideally, your vehicle should have a tow bar

Johnny’s son in law will use it on the Spring Run

Johnny’s Educational Jaunt Sunday 13th March 2016

We thought “back to school”, but “No”, instead a very enjoyable, if short, day out.

Normal Meet at Clarkston Shops. 8 in the end with Allan, a friend of Norrie’s, (I didn’t know he had one), joining us.

Surprise- no due South Peebles direction, instead by interesting roads, including Eaglesham to the Fenwick Moors (great road).IMG_3894

There, we entered the complex containing the biggest wind farm in Europe, I’m reliably informed, but Spanish owned. 84 miles of road within the Farm- VERY impressive. The tearoom was pleasant, if the scones were diabolical.IMG_3895

Within the Visitor Centre a great deal of information provided in an interesting variety of forms. Some quite hi-tech.

Once we departed, continuing on this wonder road and many others, till we reached Dumfries House, sadly sans culture.IMG_1866

The T room was very fine with prices reflecting this, but a tour of the house will happen later, when we win the Lotto.IMG_3906

And then onward & upwards- again great roads to East Kilbride & the Holy Grail- Douglas Park’s Mottoradt Showroom.IMG_3909IMG_3915

Norrie couldn’t resist. So instead of tarting up his house, he bought a second hand 1200 Tourer complete with panniers etc, for only £14,000 all in. Hope you can handle it. No oil leak, of course. OH NO- he’s just changed his mind- boo hiss!

Well done Johnny, great day out.