42nd Joint WSVMCC-Ulster 30 Annual Spring Run 19th-21st May 2016

David`s Photos (24)Another year has passed & we’re now in the 42nd rendition of the joint Spring Run with our Irish counterparts.

The relationship is all about friendship & fellowship with a common interest in all things motorcycling.

What a success this event turned out to be despite of/because of potentially horrendous weather

Some 15 of us (incl. some from Ulster 30) stayed at NW Castle on the Thursday (after the usual dash down via New Galloway).At the Ferry 3At the FerryDSC04595David`s Photos (5)

That made life very comfortable for meeting the ferry on the Friday, around 10.00am. Off then to Newton Stewart for a stop at their splendid park (comfort etc) & then via the road to Girvan, Glentrool, Stration (great road) to Minishant, & Monkton.StraitonStraiton (2)DSC04612

Seemingly the hotel staff at the Irvine Hallmark Hotel (previously Skein Dhu, Hospitality, Menzies etc) were filling their knickers because we were 30 mins late. They must have forgiven us, as the lunch was excellent. We were joined by a number of day visitors, Sam, Dave’s Mum, Fiona & Alastair, to name just 4. It was nice of them to join us, even for a short time. Total number over 90!Untitled-9Untitled-1

Johnny H had been leading the way & continued to keep up a healthy pace (for which I had always been slagged). So it seemed keep up or shut up was the answer. Amazing what a 350ccs Royal Enfield can achieve with the right hooligan on board! Talking of Hooligans, Grant joined us again after 10 years- he’s changed in appearance, but not in body language or other language! Great fun, though.

Eventually, I don’t know how, everyone reached the Rob Roy Hotel in Aberfoyle. Much improved in its furnishings, new bathrooms etc. Dining area air conditioned etc, food as good as before. As far as the interior decoration, what can I say?- Morticia with roses upright, more Harry Potter than Chelsea Garden.

Saturday was forecast to be Tsunami level, & sure enough, we prepared by leaving 45 mins later than scheduled & missed out our first visit, Loch Katrine. Arrangements had been made to use the New Loch Lubnaig Café & Parking facility. They kindly sectioned of an area for us & we were able to use their facilities & partake of their excellent coffee & goodies.DSC04702DSC04705David`s Photos (7)

There was sufficient overhang under the roof to enable us to shelter from the Monsoon which threatened to wash away the Café. Luckily, this only lasted some 10 minutes & then Hallelujah, the sun came out & stayed out for the rest of the weekend!!! Wm, our Leader for the day, had an “issue” with his Honda. I am unaware of the “dynamics” of the problem but it concerned a battery, an AA man, jump leads etc. So while he wasn’t with us in presence, he was in spirit.

So John H & John G shared the responsibility, the first being to get us to Kenmore (who had warned of flooding, pestilence & locusts)- but all was well on the journey & the lunch stop was a great success at The Courtyard. We lingered somewhat getting free “doubles” ice creams, being bikers, & suffering under the sun. DSC04760Untitled-3Ice cream timeReluctantly, we set off, fuelled up: then off by the Sma’ Glen, by fab roads to Crieff. Dave Kerr had introduced us to the little known south of the river road, to Comrie, and we encountered only 2 vehicles along the way.Untitled-6

Coffee & eats never far away on our runs, so just after Comrie, into Tullybannocher Café. Here the scones, (baked in 2 ft circles) and the fruitcake, about a foot thick, were something to behold. Most of us sat outside enjoying the sun, before heading home to Aberfoyle for well-earned pints & dinner.IMG_1989

The following morning was blessed with good weather, Wm’s Honda started but Ken received retribution in the form of a puncture.David`s Photos (36) Good job we were well organised time-wise, as it took a while for him to get sorted out. We arrived rather early for lunch at Burnhouse Manor, so into the sun with non-alcoholic aperitifs (for the riders/drivers), & something stronger for the rest.Burnhouse ManorBurnhouse

Lunch was punctual, so no crisis re ferry, & some good guys (in WSVMCC) saw the Ulster 30 boys to the ferry, & I suspect fish & chips in Girvan on the way home.

A great team effort, with special thanks to Robert, William, Johnny & Irene. Hope to be involved again next year.  Mixed photos (1)Mixed photos (2)Mixed photos (3)Mixed photos (4)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      In the following road photos I try to get as many bikes reasonably sized in the foreground as possible, so, if you are not there you might  be one of the little points of light at the end of the line. Sorry to anybody that I have missed. Norrie.

On the road 1On the road 2On the road 3On the road 4On the road 5On the road 6





Ian’s Virgin Run Sunday 8th May 2016

We met at Burnhouse  and off to the Puffer Cafe in irvine for bacon rolls etcIMG_3959

Great to see “Thingemy’s” 600 Matchless at the Puffer. Note that Johnny is checking his piles protector to enhance comfort.IMG_3956 You can also order this accessory. Send JG £50 now, to obtain a significant discount and to avoid disappointment.

From Irvine we travelled through Stewarton via Newton Mearns.IMG_3960

Almost inevitably, & unfortunately, the bold Matchless suffered from ‘flu or something like it, & had to return home to have an enema or some such procedure. Is this not de-ja-vous to most of us? My Norton was a prime candidate- remember the Torry Canyon when in Inveraray? Extra 2-3 litres of oil required, much left on the pavement outside The George!IMG_3961

Travelling on towards Eaglesham then heading for East Kilbride and by passing on roads no one on the run had ever experienced.IMG_3963 Then coming out on the Strathaven end of  East Kilbride via Strathaven, Muirkirk, Cumnock, Ochiltree to Gemmel’s Garden Centre for lunch

Enjoyed by all & a nice surprise as Manfried & Charlotte joined us. Manfried was looking well.

The afternoon run went across country to Dalmellington over the hill road to Straiton, Maybole, Dunure to Ayr & home.

Congrats to Ian- one of the Clubs best runs. Some 160 miles.

Well done Ian.    

Thanks to JT for most of the serious text & Grumpy for fotos

Pensioners Day Out 11th May 2016

Weather been very dry if windy for nearly 2 weeks, so off we went last Wednesday. Met at Monkton, and very good to have Sam joining us for part of the journey.

Decided to drop into Dobbies for coffee & have a discussion with Sam as we hadn’t seen him on a run for a while.Dobbie`s Thereafter Johnny H led us at a “leisurely” pace by back roads to Dalmelington, where Sam turned back for home.

The rest of the run to New Galloway is one of the best. Here we stopped for lunch & while Sam was not with us in person, he was in spirit!!!With Sam

Johnny continued his sluggish pace to Newton Stewart- again a great road.

Dave Kerr then led us to a new potential tea room near Newton Stewart. John G then departed, and the  knowledgeable Dave (in regard to places to eat) showed the rest ANOTHER cafe, again near Newton Stewart.Kirroughtree Centre20160511_133840 The remaining drove to the Isle of Whithorn, then Portpatrick (sat drinking overlooking the harbour),Portpatrick and finally, the 2 couples + Grumpy had a fish supper in Girvan. Diet- wot diet?

A really grand day out!