Alpine Weekend Friday-Sunday 17-19th June 2016

A first organised by Kenny & his attractive assistant Ian McP. It subsequently appeared that Kenny, being an adopted local, handled everything beyond the Great Glen, viz, hotel, routes, lunch stops etc. Ian, being a “Remain” produced paper depicting fuel stops (only here) timetables, and lunch stops en route North & South.

We,as usual gathered at Tarbet with pre-arranged scones on the menu. Lovely morning. Ian perused his paperwork, checked we were all there.

Tarbet Tearoom

We travelled up the Lochside & stopped at Tyndrum. Others joined us, Paul & Alison at the Green Welly Shop, David & Mary, Dave & Dot 2 at the Hotel (soaked coming up the East).

We then travelled up The Glen, Ft William & stopped for lunch at Spean Bridge. It was OK.

Weather still holding as  we left, and went East to Newtonmore etc and fuelled at Grantown. by then the weather not only turned wet but bl—dy cold, as well. Really Baltic The trip up to the hotel was like skating on ice, road surface & cambers combined to achieve this. We were very pleased to reach the Richmond, our weekend lodgings.

Richmond Arms Tomintoul

Turnaround Saturday. What a difference. Breakfast was great, cafetieres, scones, full breakfasts etc. AP & Artee joined us for the day, super to see them, greatly missed.

The routes selected by Kenny were fab the whole day. He must have spent a wad of time rehearsing. We travelled initially North/North East & passed & by-passed historical Whisky villages & towns, (in no particular order) Dufftown, Afford. Aberlour, Rothes, Huntly, Bamff, Portsoy, Cullen, & finally stopped at Spey Bay, Dolphin Centre, for coffee etc


If you’re up this way, it’s a “must see”. The location is mouthwatering, the views inland & out to sea almost spellbinding. The sun wasn’t out but dry. Sunshine would have transformed it. Check their webpage.

Spey Bay (1)

Spey Bay

DophinsSearching for DolphinsDolphins

Reluctantly, we left the Bay & again travelled through or round & back  of various emotive towns (no more Clydesdale Banks, where there were dozens). We could not fault the routes. Finally, & for those NOT feeding their faces at The Bay, ready for lunch in Lossiemouth. A steep drop to the Car Park & and equally steep climb to the balcony alongside the pub/restaurant. And WHAT a view from there.

Lossiemouth (6)Lossiemouth (1)Lossiemouth (5)

We were lucky enough to be able to eat lunch on the balcony & feed on the views. Really magic.

We returned by Forres (losing AP), and by various roads to Grantown. If we thought we were not far from home, not a bit of it. Kenny sneakily passed the direct road to Tomintoul & led us to Morayshire again (we thought to visit his pal, Alec the Independence Man). No, another whistle stop tour of a different route home, challenged by surprising amounts of sand on the roads.

The sun was still shining when we got back after 5 pm. We sat outside at first in The Square, but the midgies were fierce & even the most hardy had to retire to the open space in front of the Richmond. A lot of larking about, then and in the morning.

Alistair & Fiona - Paul & Alison

Dinner was a great success, much better than previously. Good? to see Ronaldo miss a penalty.


The next morning, post breakfast was spent chatting outside & importantly trying again to get Dot 2 to sit on a motorbike dual seat WHILE ON THE STAND. There were numerous helpers and she finally seemed more relaxed. God knows how the real thing will turn out. Better than we suspect.

Doreen, Dot & John

Dave - Mary & Grant

Iain & Helen - Davy, Kenny & GordonKenny led us back by magic roads again finally reaching Blairgowrie for lunch around 1 pm. We had hoped to leave promptly, however, the venue seemed to be overwhelmed & it took some of us about 2 hours to get away. So we departed separately as some were served ahead of others- no paperwork! This was unfortunate as the weather was threatening & sure enough, those who were detained most, really got drookit (shades of last year’s event- Tsunami again)

A very successful weekend, thanks to the 2 Generals.Thanks a bundle











Sam’s Roasty-Roasty Run Sunday 5th June 2016

As expected, Sam did us proud. Some 15 of us turned up at the Puffer (AKA The Lost Keys) in Irvine. Grumbled awaiting the place opening at 10 am.IMG_5220IMG_5219IMG_5227IMG_5229IMG_5223IMG_5224

5 Oldies, that’s the bikes, plus 10+ or so bodies of similar description.

Great roads going here there & God knows where; fab route, well rehearsed. The marking was first class, as it normally is, when regulars are involved.IMG_5234IMG_5237

Being mainly twisty, the modern bikes just managed to keep up with the older classicsIMG_5232

Lunch (fish & chips) & then Ice Creams in Girvan.IMG_5241

The sun was relentless, shame it’s not been the same in the South East of England

Good job at least one of us knew the Ayr By-pass was closed. We went thru the town- the diversion would have been a nightmare. Noticed a 4 mile queue going the other way, just South of Kilmarnock. Perhaps related?