AGM 5th December 2016

A bit late in reporting- apologies

The main features of a very well attended Meeting-AGM 2016 (2)

– John Galloway’s final appearance as Chairman, with Johnny Haynes voted in, (in his absense) as our new Leader. Johnny has been a Member  as long as any, and it’s about time he fell on his sword

– Bobbie Main remains asSecretary and the Willie/Irene combo continue as Treasurer

– John G and Ian Hamilton are the other Members (in addition to the Executive) to form the Club’s Committee.

– Ian Hamilton takes over from Johnny as Kitchen Organiser

– Instead of our normal mid summer run to the Highlands, Bobbie is to plan a 3 night island Hopping Weekend in June

– Sam will organise a trip to he Triumph Factory in Hinkley, probably in April. The Club may subsidise (subject to Club Members’ approval) the transport bill. This will be a one night stand

– Ron Spinks was awarded the Willie Baird Cup (which he, Ron, provided originally) for his long time activities on behalf of the Club, especially his dedication in looking after us in the kitchen for so many yearsIMG_0735

– John G , as his departing wish, suggested we donate £1,500 of our funds to one or more charities. We finally agreed to donate the full sum to the Macmillan Trust to support the invaluable work undertaken by their nurses. 

In due course, our worthy Treasurer surrounded himself with grateful ladies at the Macmillan Trust Offices, in order to handover our cheque. Must have been an ordeal, Willie!! Does it look like it? We must do this more often in support of worthwhile causes.DSC04852

– Continuing with the largesse theme, John G proposed that the Club subsidise our New Year Hangover Run/Lunch, to thank our significant others for putting up with our selfishness by so often disappearing at weekends & enjoying ourselves. No objections. Date, 3rd January 2017.

1 pm at The Brisbane Hotel, Largs- see you thereThank you letterDSC04856

 By way of a PS, Our friends in Northern Ireland sent a very nice “farewell” card to JG, our retiring Chairman (for ever so long) as depicted. Rumours that it was actually a “well rid of” Card are malicious and allegedly untrue.IMG_0796IMG_0797