David’s cinema-style show 20-3-17

Long delayed but worth the wait

As usual Dave again achieved his very high standard of presentation

Much raucous humour in the audience, orchestrated by our new Chairman. So the atmosphere was great, AGAIN

3 short films of Danny Mccaskill, (see below)- yes & the guy is still alive, if walking a bit funny. Worth a view- a bit squeamish, if you get my driftIMG_0947IMG_0956Road to Garmisch

The main film was Dave’s 2016 visit to BMW at Garmisch. The main feature being the Satuday very long run round the Alps. Funny, I thought there was a speed limit- didn’t look like it to me. Worn out knee pads, then, heh Dave?

So check out the sites below & enjoy or even subscribe to the 2017 event.Untitled-1

Dave, thanks again- much appreciated.




Pensioners Day Oot 2017-1

First one for a long, long time.

As it happens the BMW -oops The wsvmcc run started with meeting at Gouldings Garden Centre for brekkers @ 10 amIMG_20170315_104302

First off- a devious tour round about, starting West of Gouldings,at Tillidudlem,  and eventually (many steep hills & winding roads thereafter), found us at Lesmahagow

Thence JH took over & down to Abington, Crawford & over a great road (A702) to nearly Thornhill. Just short of Thornhill off right to Moniaive, where we lunched AGAIN- great stop.20170315_145811

Still on the A702, another cracker of a road to Carsphairn  Thence up North, finishing up at Gemmels for coffee & naughties.

Straight home from there in various directions

Wish u had been there- another grand day out- nae rain ya bass.