Johnny’s Jaunt Sunday 23rd April 2017

As promised JH behaved himself- great surprise- a relatively unhurried day, for a change

We all managed to work out that this time we really were meeting at Burnhouse X Roads not Asda BishopbriggsUntitled-2Untitled-1

Through hunners of villages in Ayrshire till we all arrived at Gemmells Garden Centre for breakfast. Here we met the bold Ron Gow. Some 12 of us- lost countGemmells

JH worked out a great run before & after breakfast. The post brekkers got us to Maybole, Turnberry (Hail el Presidente Frump) down to Girvan & a welcome comfort stop for some- phew!IMG_1064IMG_1060

Weather was excellent, but you could feel the cold looming- forecast ffffreezing the rest of the week!

Down to Ballantrae and the “Master” JH ensured we had a good lunch by sacrificing himsel by eating outside. At least not on his ownIMG_1067

IMG_1065Fab trip North with little ferry traffic & returned via Turnberry, Dunure & Alloway. Here the bold “Master” buggered off (unintended I presume) & left us toiling thru Ayr & Prestwick, which was a nightmare.Ailsa Craig 1

Other than that, a great day out- Thanks to JohnnyUntitled-1

Fife Foray Wed 19th April 2017

Well advertised but poor show. of course, Grumpy waited at Burnhouse, unable to detect the deliberate mistake in the email! Woops!

However JH Ron Gow JG met @ Linlithgow & ventured to Dave & Mary’s wonderful property. Both are very well, & Dave a walking miracle. Very busy doing up his boat/yacht. Full of lovely classic bikes & cars.Bike run 19-4-17 (3)

They decided to show us the way- and as you know, unless you know the roads, Fife is a succession of small ex mining villages & frequent coastal towns- “BE PATIENT”

Not so bad following a local though. Absolutely fab weather & a great lunch/”efternoon” tea, ye ken- pinky at the ready- a great laff.Bike run 19-4-17 (1)

Anstruther a final stop- where the chemist shops are crap- story later.

Then down the spine of Fife heading for Edinburgh where we got clocked. Not by the Polis but John Mitchell having a lazy day. (Suspect, Tachograph, as he tends to drive far too far & far too long)

Dave diverted off & we bade farewell to Ron in S Queensferry. The 2 Johns arrived home about 6pm & JG totally knackered.

Really nice to meet up with Dave & Mary- good on you.



Sam’s Day Out Wednesday 12 April 2017

We wished for a warm day, at last- but nae such luck Jimmy.

Met at Monkton, trying to rain & not very warm. The intention was to head for New Galloway for 11ses & meet Drew & his pal who’s name escapes me ( You can sort it Norrie?) Richard. (N).Toilet stopThe Smithy Coffee stop

A great run down & Sam had his new gal, Elizabeth with him.

Sure enough all met OK & then, via Newton Stewart eventually to Isle of Whithorn. Road surfaces hellish & particularly hellish on John’s ER6F, which tends to bounce on anything rougher than a billiard table- effing knackering!Lunch-Isle of WhithornIsle of Whithorn (2)Isle of Whithorn (4)

Nice new cafe in I of W partly financed by you through the National Lottery Fund. Established to assist & enhance the Community . If the town itself is not too pretty, the shoreline along the coast is inspiring, especially as the white horses are crashing over the dunes. *did I mention it was ffffreezing?

JH/Sam were kind enough to stick to more acceptable roads thereafter, but the weather deteriorated. Most of the return journey was on the A77, which is always challenging/exciting in the overtaking stakes

Glad to get home- shame we did away with the bath- showers are not quite the same!



0Pensioners Day Oot 6th April 2017

Met at the  Gulf sort of Petrol Station as usual, in Lanark. No way hose was it normal.Bike Run 6-4-17 (1)

All digital with very confusing instructions, requiring your mother’s maiden name AND one’s inside leg measurements. We were the only customers

Luckily we had smartarse Tony with us, who aspires to be 30 yrs younger than his years.

Not a wise move by Gulf- Lanark is hardly Silicon .Valley. The next fuel station 400 mtrs away was fully occupied- lesson there!

As promised, off to Broughton’s finest T Room, which has been bought over and is back to normal- great scones & coffee. As we sat down and meeting Drew, who should turn up but Mr Big (Bobbie)Bike Run 6-4-17 (5)

So 6 of us had to go to Peebles because another petrol station closed, yes, the one in Broughton

Through Peebles to Innerleithen & over the hill (JG’s Aprillia Folly) to Yarrow & Tibbie Shiels. The only bikers there! That’s a first.Bike Run 6-4-17 (3)Tibbie Shiels

Since we were a shade sharp there, so decision made to go just past Sami Ling’s Buddhist Temple & stop there for lunch. En route the said Tony decided to check the road surface at close quarters, without, thankfully injuring himself. The huge BM though, slightly second hand. No sniggering please.Bike Run 6-4-17 (4)

Then a slight confusion by our leader here, the one with local knowledge, (allegedly). Missed the turn off to Moffat just after Boreland. Nonetheless, a good detour round trip, much enjoyed & we finally reached Moffat for fuel & tearful goodbyesBike Run 6-4-17 (6)

JH led us naughtily up the A74 & we reached home pretty promptly.

A great day out, full of chat and intense discussions- even political & still friends


Sunny Sunday 2nd April 2017

Not before time- a decent forecast for a Sunday!

Unfortunately 3 or 4 of our regulars were missing for good reasons, but we still managed 10 at Tarbet T Room.Tarbet coffee stopBike run 2-4-17 (6)

Nice to see Tony Moth, another of JH’s BMW Club Members joining us & he supplied the pics for Grumpy to sort out. Ronnie fae Dunoon brought 2 of his pals tooBike run 2-4-17 (3)Bike run 2-4-17 (4)

After Tarbet, to Crianlarich, twitching past the Green Wellie, & stopped further up Glencoe for fotos.Green WellyBen DorainBike run 2-4-17 (2) by then bloody freezing, so it was.Bike run 2-4-17 (5)

A great run then to Ballachulish & down to Benderloch (wow type views all the way), for lunch. More than adequate- always made welcome here.Benderloch

We returned via Connell, and Inveraray for ice creams. Thereafter some went to Dunoon, others via a VERY busy journey as we got ½ way down the Loch.

Threading thru is always a bit risky, as we all know- nevertheless—

Next Run Thursday meet at Lanark

Some of the Photos by Tony.