Dodgy John’s Sunday Ordeal 27th August 2017

In some communities, it is common for the male to have multiple partners/wives/special female friends (lucky or not so lucky)

In the WSVMCC Community, it’s the other way round. Here the female is permitted, nay encouraged, to have multiple SPECIAL MALE FRIENDS

Thus it was when 8 of us met at Milton petrol station, the devine Cathy was the lucky girl, as Decibel did not show! However, Cathy seemed to cope with all the attention.IMG_4277

We stopped for breakfast on the road to Drymen, at the “Lochside” Garden Centre & thereafter via Drymen (skirted), Killearn, Fintry, Thornhill to Doune. The roads were remarkably quiet & ideal type for cranking over. This especially so, after we stopped at Dunblane Cathedral for Johnny to have a comfort break, in the actual place of worship!IMG_4278

Virtually empty roads to Kinbuck, Braco & then the open & challenging road to Comrie, via Cultybraggan. Of course, we stopped just beyond at Tullybannocher Restaurant & fed outside. A great venue on a dry & warm day. Only one (Bobbie) attempted the challenge of eating the ginormous scone for which the place is infamous.Silver Figure Loch Earn

A too quick stop to see the mirror statue emerging from Loch Earn at St Fillans (Norrie- see Web for foto)IMG_4296

A great run then via Lochearnhead to Kilmahog, then heading via The Trossachs over the Duke’s Pass to Aberfoyle & Liz Macgregor’s cake factory for eats & coffee. see picsIMG_4298IMG_4302

Again, out in the sunshine- with firm friends- what could be more perfect than a day such as we enjoyed?

We then headed South, some, eg Ron a long way South: to our various homes-and only 4 days till we head off to Northern Ireland. Pray for good weather & no ramming bikes from behind! I thought ABS was supposed to stop that happening?AberfoyleIMG_4286IMG_4284IMG_4289




Dave’s Devious Fife Mysteries sunday 13th August 2017

A much awaited event as many of our members had not had the opportunity to visit Dave & Mary’s abode until this Weekend. (pensioners had no problem)DSC00190

We gathered at Bishopbriggs & took the direct route to Aberdour area where The Abode is located. Some premises indeed.DSC00207DSC00212

Not satisfied with the existing mansion, they’re building another just behind.

So the newcomers got the chance to see Dave’s handiwork in between guzzling on the bacon rolls freshly made by Dave & Mary. The photos say it all.DSC00195DSC00202DSC00203

This old MG (above) has a new Ash Chassis- crafted by Dave- what a man!

Eventually, if reluctantly, we departed following Dave’s old BM God knows where. (Fife as you know is littered with ex mining & fishing villages).  Looking to Norrie to help here. This is from a guy who visited Toonhull (Townhill) every damned weekend to visit his grandmother- but Toonhull is not the whole of Fife!

What I do recall is Glenfarg (a great road if you’ve been delayed by a tractor & have some catching up to do), Newburgh, Tayport, a quickie at Lindores Abbey Distillery,DSC00215 St Bl—y Andrews- yes on an August Sunday- Murder Polis, and thence to Kingsbarn Distillery for lunch. What a setting and good forage too. They’ve still to fill their first bottle- it’s so new.DSC00228

Eventually, by the coast road (loads of 30 mphs) we arrived back at Aberdour to be met by fresh baking- what great hosts. 

Thanks very much Dave & Mary & good luck with your new houseDSC00217DSC00220DSC00199




Banburgh here we come- Sunday 6th August 2017

So Ron finally got his way, & the VERY long trip took place.

Since your normal editor was considering whether he was having a heart attack or otherwise- he decided not to go- wise move.

AND SO- Ron takes up the story & fotos also supplied by Ron & Dave, but input by Norrie

Despite the variable weather forecast of sunshine and showers 12 people on 9 bikes arrived in Biggar.  As most had travelled for an hour from the greater Glasgow area, hunger was the main concern and they headed straight to the Coffee Spot to top up the calories. Biggar

This meant a later than expected start from Biggar.  We decided to use the drop off system, which Ron had never used as a group leader. He later confessed that his preferred position is tail end Charlie.  The route took us to our first scheduled stop at Cardrona via Broughton, Stobo and Peebles.  Les and Ron who had missed out at the unscheduled coffee stop in Biggar, missed out again as the masses weren’t ready for another break.  There were also some murmurs about the ride being slow, so Ron stepped up a gear for the rest of the day.

The next stop was at Scott’s View. This is an excellent panoramic viewpoint, with a superb vista over to the Eildon Hills and Melrose with Selkirk and Galashiels in the far distance.Scotts View  (1)Scotts View 2

We continued on the smooth and quiet  border back roads with lovely open bends to Kelso, where we had a planned fuel stop with JH friendly pumps, with the option of paying in the kiosk.

We left Kelso and headed for Bamburgh via Coldstream.  Just before Coldstream, stands a bright yellow box, just waiting to catch the unwary. This was pointed out by the ride leader, but JH who was towards the end of the group seemed determined to gain some more ‘Performance Points’.  We all had a chuckle about this on our arrival in Bamburgh, as JH also missed the huge ‘Welcome to England’ sign after crossing the bridge as we left Coldstream.  Little wonder he can’t spot those little yellow boxes. Specsavers comes to mind.Bamburgh Castle

The castle at Bamburgh is magnificent and stands on a hill dominating the town.  Most of the group were first time visitors to the area and were impressed by the view.  Bamburgh is a favourite tourist spot and the village is always busy.  The car park at the foot of the castle was jammed full with fellow tourists, but fortunately we had the dedicated motorcycle parking space to ourselves.  As the town was so busy Ron phoned the local hostelry and was surprised to hear they could actually accommodate a group of 12 for lunch.

On the walk up to the pub Tony commented on how he could smell the change in culture. Just to be clear meaning the sweet smell of village greens, cricket and pubs.  Banter and an excellent lunch  was enjoyed by all.Lunch at Bamburgh

We had a dry ride all the way down, but as we left the pub the heavens opened and it rained (making the 5 mile stretch of the A1 even more miserable than usual) all the way back to our final coffee stop in Melrose.  And what a good value stop it turned out to be with a coffee or tea and a yummy calorie filled muffin for slightly less than £3.00 per head.  We continued on damp roads most of the way home with the group going their separate way just outside of Peebles.Ron`s bike run by David-7 8 17  (2)Photos taken by Ron and David Mc Donald.Ron`s bike run by David-7 8 17  (4)Ron`s bike run by David-7 8 17  (3)Ron`s bike run by David-7 8 17  (5)Ron`s bike run by David-7 8 17  (9)Ron`s bike run by David-7 8 17  (11)Ron`s bike run by David-7 8 17  (10)