Sunny Sunday 29th October 2017

Where was you on such a nice day- come on, you’re supposed to enjoy motorcycling on our wonderful roads & fab scenery- really!

Yup, only 6 turned up at Gouldings eatery in the Clyde Valley. Always busy & great food.P1010642

Our Johnny led off, once his BMW (I say again BMW) had to be push started. To Lesmahagow & then the A74 to Abington & then right into the Dalveen Pass. A really wonderful road with open bends & few trees- ideal in Autumn.

Once we passed the outskirts of Thornhill, Johnny decided that his bike was really suspect. I had inhaled a lot of oily smoke driving behind him. The problem looked like a non charging alternator, with probably a poor spark. Sensibly, he decided to return home , escorted (thanks) by good old Ron. Both returned with no incident

The remaining 4, continued via Moniaive to Carsphairn & then to Gemmils for lunch/afternoon tea. As usual, some made pigs of themselves.P1010643

3 of us took the opportunity to visit Sam’s new country abode- very nice indeed with splendid views.

As I write, the very sad news received today, was that Doreen Taylor passed away that night/Monday early morning. Poor Doreen, who lost John some 5 weeks ago. A sad story. All of us at the Club pass on our thoughts to her family, especially Angela and Lesley, who must be devastated at the double loss.

Details will be forwarded by Bobbie via email


Dunbar Adventure/Gourmet Weekend 6- 8th October 2017

Traditionally, Bill organises a “Camping Weekend” for the hardy among us. Can I assure you it’s mainly the older generation that seem to relish in this form of purgatory. The wiser & more genteel of us stay in a B&B or even an Hotel

We also seem to meet in the most remote location, which admittedly is central but a b—er to get to Dunbar from. West Linton’s Toll Cafe. We overwhelmed the Cafe & it’s one employee, poor soul.

Finally, we went our separate ways & met up at the Campsite in Dunbar to ensure the aforementioned S & M Members got settled in.20171006_131617

Others bedded in their linen sheets to ensure comfort & then collectively entered the hallowed premises of Belhaven Breweries PLC. Not only had many of us been there before, we were already converted & tried to go to locations where their beer especially their Black, is sold.20171006_144132Brewery 2Brewery 3

Back to base then, some staggering, but those in the B & B, at best behaviour, before the breathalyser test on re-entry

Off then to The Volunteer Arms where we had dined the last trip to Dunbar. A great meal & atmosphere- the best Mussels ever, too. Much hilarity.Dinner Group.

Walked back to digs & some to the Campsite- needed to.

Next a.m. those in luxury had a huge breakfast, while those slumming it were lucky there was no rain. Alledgedly Jim Mac cooked breafast to the starving, including a veggie one for John S.

Bill had pioneered the next day’s run ahead of the weekend, and the effort certainly bore fruit. What a fab run we had- up from Dunbar on the main road & then headed for Duns, via Garvald, Cranshaws and Longformacus. From Duns then to Eyemouth to see the sea & the fishing boats & have lunch at the chippie. 20171007_144830We also met Sleezy our pet seal, many, many times.Seals

On such a good day, both Eyemouth & St Abbs, our next port of call were totally enchanting & we spent a serious amount of at both.20171007_14381320171007_144932

Back then to Dunbar & another Gourmet meal, this time at Ken & Ian’s Hotel. Food excellent & a longer walk back, again sorely needed. A certain 3some HAD to drink their remaining 2 bottles of fine wine, which extracted the appropriate revenge on one, the next day- much better now, thank you.

Sunday was allocated to be for intellectual input. Thus we again visited the Museum of Flight, since we had forgotten most of the info we’d absorbed the last time. Still impressive, especially Concord with its non digital specification- so many plug in wires- like an old telephone exchange- how it ever flew! Much enjoyed by all.

Thus ended another of Bill’s & Jim Mac’s special weekends. Really enjoyed by all- many thanks