New Year Lunch Sunday 7th January 2018

This event now supersedes our Hangover Run, usually within a day or two of a serious hangover, to clear the brain by riding a motorbike when it’s baltic, as one does

Now we’ve turned into wimps and join together for a comfortable lunch

Harassed by Charlie Fulton into keeping his  Golf Club afloat, this event took place in the Caldwell Golf Club House, not a spitting distance from our own Club premises.DSC00763

Don’t worry, Charlie, the lunch & location were just fine, and we will revisit, likely on 19th May!DSC00753

Johnny did his duities very well, welcoming us, with a few quipps & then Ron.  awarded the Willie Baird Trophy to Bobbie Main, in recognition of the splendid job he has done & is doing as Club Secretary. Thanks again, Bobbie.DSC00765