Pensioners Day Out- 2 18-4-18

Jim Downie Photos 1Normally, I would start by saying “you really missed a great run” this time via Abington

Well, we never saw bloody Abington, because we had 2 lamentable navigators. The 3rd guy, “nothing to do with me” Downie, just stayed behind. A long way behind initially (murder polis), but he soon got the hang of more or less keeping up with his (tor)mentors

Other than going the wrong way, I’ve no idea how we ended up going NORTH on the M74.Jim Downie Photos 2

So I saId to myself, “bu–er it” we’re going where we know we’ll enjoy it & then work out a way home. Jim Downie Photos 3Thus we ended after a couple of road closures at Canal 49 nr Linlithgow, where we indulged wirseles, as can be seen. Then via a tortuous route by Stirling, Cambusbarron, Kippen for afternoon tea, of sorts, and split up in Fintry.John photo 1

Anyhow, a day out on the bikes in reasonable weather, & great company etc

join us next time.

Pensioners Day Out- 1 (2018)

A bit late in the day (year) but nevertheless a great success

Met at Milton, as usual, and as usual again cafed at Tarbet T Room

Decided to go via Crianlarich, with the weather warming up. Norrie disappeared, so we waited, then Blind Pew arrived at last, minus a pair of specs. Stupid Boy!

A great run to Poppies, just short of Oban & met up with Eoghainn & Rhoda for lunch. They shared a ½ slice of toast (life must be expensive in Connel)- i exaggerate). 8 of us a low number- hopefully more later in the year.DSC01433

A great place for lunch, views, friendly staff & the fish superb.DSC01437

Most riders returned via Lochgilphead- yes,that tempting and wonderful road that can land you in trouble with the police or even worser (as per up-ended bin lorry)

Talking of Police (JH has history in Inveraray), this time JG collected an escort BMW complete with Flics, virtually all the way from Lochgilphead to the said Inveraray. Bloody Murder!DSC01440

However, refreshed in Brambles before we headed for Tarbet, to seek out Norrie’s specs. JH found them straight away, sorely damaged. Must try harder!

JH promised “no meal  tonight” but I caught him eating a pizza!!!!

A great Day Out. All of us uplifted by finally getting a successful sortie