Pensioners Melting Moments Thurs 28th June 2018

I was warned not to sing the praises & mention the joyful frolics we endure during these Mid-Week runs. It seems to upset those who can’t go and those who chose not to go.

I’ve 2 words which convey my response quite graphically-  Tuff Sh–

Having said that, there was only one downside to this Run– it was biling hot & I mean really biling.DSC01913

We even sat inside at Tarbert where it was already cosy. That’s about 10.30am- so what happens later? Forecast for Glw near 31C.DSC01917DSC01918

Drove by fab scenery up to Crianlarich & thence to Killin.DSC01920 A cooling off stop there & admiring the views along the river. Then via Kenmore & lunch in Aberfeldy. DSC01921DSC01922Stunning views & not too busy.

Thereafter the challenging road to Crieff & the wee back road to Comrie and our efternoon T stop at Tullybanachan. Some challenged the massive scones for which they’re famous.DSC01925DSC01928

Not conent with loadsa sweaty  –llocks and the like, the punishment continued with Johnny leading at a “STEADY” pace by Lochearnhead, Kilmahog, the Trossachs and the Duke’s Pass to Aberfoyle for ice creams.DSC01932 These had to be consumed double quick

Finally we headed home. 

It was nice to have John & Jackie Copeland joining us for the day, all the way from Millport- good on you.DSC01916


Clarkston Start Run to— changed X 2 24th June 2018

We thought we’d solved the perpetual problem of marking. Having said that, if you go anywhere near E K and try to head for the Clyde Valley by wee roads avoiding any potential religious issues as you cross from 1 territory to another, well, Good Luck. Cause Good Luck wisna shining on us.

The group setting off from Glw were to meet those from the Dumfries-shire/Biggar areas at an allotted time. No way Hose.

However, we congregated eventually at Broughton (u no why).DSC01873DSC01878

Then a change of plan, and along the various Megget Reservoirs (lovely) but fair biling.Run 2 DSC01879DSC01884Megget Reservoir by RonThen a faIr way via Sami Ling’s to our lunch stop, just beyond. Not a success especially 4 Grumpy (see foto)IMG_0653

Again thru roasting Scottish Borders to Moffat (this road was seriously rutted)

Relieved to get some ice cream or shandy down our throats, then, going home by various routes, avoiding the M74 & opting as far as poss to stay on the A Roads.DSC01903

A cracking day- but really, really warm.DSC01890IMG_0654IMG_0656DSC01875DSC01901Eskdalemuir 1


Pensioners Day Out Thursday 7th June 2018

In the midst of our High Summer. Some 3 weeks of superb weather. Too hot, if anything. Should have been in Spain or Italy to cool off- ya Bass!

So sensible stay-homers, benefitted from this largesse. Coffee & fresn scones @ Tarbert Cafe. Up the A82 alongside The Loch (very busy) and veered off towards Oban past Green Welly Shop.Green Welly

“That’s better”. Roads in great shape & could keep to clean flowing lines, with remarkably little in the way of mobile chicanes. Really enjoyed the opportunity. So back again to Poppies-by-the-sea. Fab lunch- had to sit in the shade- it was really hot.DSC01831

Eoghainn joined us for lunch & thereafter. We headed back via Dalmally to Inverary for more ice creams/coffee & scones (massive ones)DSC01836DSC01837

Here we split up, Aly & Fee off first, Eoghainn back up North, Jim & Grumpy via Dunoon Ferry & your writer down the Lochside & bylling, so it wis.

A great day, good to be alive & enjoying ourselves in such a beautiful country in the company of like minded friends. Really privileged.View from Poppies