Closing Camping Weekend 2018

The return to the Machers….Galloway

 It is 4 years since we wandered down to the Machers in Galloway and while the rain fell on the previous `Friday the rest of the week-end was good…. could we repeat this this year.

The invitation was posted on the club website and the uptake was slow, there is a lack of MEN in this club, you need to get out and enjoy life at the edge, being eaten by midges and soaked in the ass

No really we want you all to come on down and have fun.

The week-end meet was at Chez Moi in Alloway where introductions were made and egg rolls were served together with tea and coffee choc biscuits also. Then we were off using the back roads to Maybole and then onto Girvan and down the coast to Ballentrae for lunch at the garden center. Arriving mob handed we were faced with lunch outside until the punters decided it would be better to leave rather than face the bikers. A good lunch served quickly was consumed then on with the tour thro’ Colmonel and Pinwherry and Barrhill then the B7027 moor road turning left at Knowe down towards Bargrennan and the campsite at Glentrool.

Here Johnny and Ron parted to head for home via Newton Stewart and New Gallloway) well that was one route discussed amongst many….do they not know where they are).

The intrepid campers then set camp, Jimmy MacFarlane, Tom Rae (Pembleton), Colin Fergusson (Grinall Scorpion 3), John Sykes (Panther outfit), and me aboard the Bug, once camp was set and a Dram issued by Jimmy we decanted for a run up to the “Bruce Stone” a memorial to make the start of “Robert the Bruce’s” campaign against the invading English…and that said is history.thumbnail_1542275763208blob

 Arriving back at camp we found John Mitchell complete with caravan and bike in the pick-up having a cup of tea, also Sam McIntyre (Velocette Venom) from Tyneside camping with us, we had all arrived safely.DSCN6257

 After a good night at the local hotel, we went to bed and awaited the offerings of the Weather Gods, I dosed up on Paracetamol and Fishermans friends and had a good nights sleep. The dawn was good and Jimmy set to with the famous frying pan providing a hearty breakfast for the campers. Then we were off down the Cree valley to Newton Stewart for coffee and scones before heading north to Challoch then west to Glenluce and then south to the Machers. At Milton point we turned inland for Elrig negotiating the hairpin (here the turning circle of the Grinall came in for high jinks…the only one not to get round in one) and on to Bladnoch for lunch. A table had been set aside for us and we were suitably fed and watered.

Then off round the fighter training airfield at Bladnoch(2nd World War) and on to the Isle of Whithorn via Withorn.DSCN6261 Then a quick coastal run to Garlieston for afternoon tea and coffee at brother Jim’s house before going to visit the Mulberry exhibition in the “tin hall”. After leaving we passed thro’ Wigtown the Book Capital of the south west, which had houses wallpapered for the book fare the previous week-end.

Then along the muddy flats towards Newton via the Martyrs monument, before getting fuel etc for the way home tomorrow. The night was passed in the hotel where the food service was slow however the food when it arrived was good. A modest portion of drink was consumed.

Another night dosed with paracetamol etc and a good night’s sleep then again Jimmy satisfied the hungry campers before we dropped the tents. We made it in time only just as the rain started at 10.00 just as we were folding the tents, well stuffing them in their bags really, they can dry at home in the garage. Then we were off, Tom and Sam left early as they were heading east and south respectively with Sam jetting off to Poland the next day. Colin then set off to attend the BMW AGM in Aberfolye leaving the WSVMCC contingent to make their way home.

The rain was now getting serious so we went via the main moors road A714 to Barrhill and then on to Girvan then up the A77 to Maybole and Alloway for coffee and biscuits etc before parting for home.

Verdict …another good weekend with the usual weather of all sorts, next year well who knows where we will end up…you could come and join us….it is fun …..honest

Bill DDSCN6251 DSCN6255

What has our Leader done to himself?

Nothing like an –ld fool, they say. None of the old, thank you.

Well, the poor guy, doing his best to keep Barrhead as beautiful as ever, tried too hard to finish off his hedge, AFTER it had been cut— just to add that ever so essential final touch—-when oops, down on the pavement in agony. The shears were OK & not embedded in his body.

Not so lucky. On examination at the Royal Alexandria, confirmation that his right ankle basically knackered and now plated & pinned, with a likely long recovery period ahead.20181023_190411

He seemed remarkably positive when visited and after they check progress on his ankle, it’s a matter of organising a suitable situation at home.20181023_190421

We all wish him and Cathie all the best. Suggest plenty of home visits would be much appreciated

Best wishes for as speedy recovery as possible. All the best from your mates