The Latest in Sat Nav Technology

This story arises as a result of the experiences of Bill Davies, JG and, of course, Cathie

It relates to the worst side-seat passenger of all time, as experienced by the above 3 worthies

The correspondence kicked off with an email from Bill to JG, to which the latter replied, as detailed.

An opportunity presented itself to develop this theme with the help of Grumpy- 


From: Bill Davies <>

Sent: 18 January 2019 18:05

To: John Galloway <>

Subject: Sat NavSat Nav Johnny



Want to buy a Sat Nav system, I’ve now got the use of a “Johnny”.

Complete directional system that monitors speed and direction…does not need batteries.


Regards Bill


How much does it cost?

Do you have to push it in a wheelchair. I actually found out that it does need batteries (unless it’s an older model) fitted at the lower rear of the main body.

Can you charge it at supermarkets. How many miles on a full charge  AND SO ON!!!

Like it

—————————————————————————————————————-Upon further research, I established that it first appeared many years ago, as the state of the art equipment at that time. However, like the British Motorcycle Industry, it really didn’t spend money on development.

In due course, it was overtaken by the Japanese and German companies, and although it did produce new models, often it was just a change in colour or the structure of the casing.

They did indeed use batteries for a long time rather than a connection to the car or motorcycle electrical systems. These were initially A1 size (the ones we used in the long torches at that time). There was a problem inserting them into the body of the unit as it emitted a screeching sound when inserted.

This problem was finally resolved when smaller batteries were used and a metal plate and extra screws were inserted in the lower right of the unit.

Some form of development took place and the Johnny was adapted to fit onto BMW Bikes, with the ultimate attached to the GS 1200.

Unfortunately, there still remained the problem of understating the speed on the screen, and on checking thru Police files we find that a Johnny mounted on a GS 1200 was stopped in Inveraray at some 40% above the speed limit.Sat Nav Johnny. 4JPG

The rider protested his innocence, blaming the SAT NAV. On checking by the Police indeed they found it reading below the correct speed, but not by 40% but 50%IMG_7087

Inveraray Jail is infamous for the way it treated inmates. The rider (now released) wailed that being of a certain age, he shouldn’t have been incarcerated there, even for the 3 months. The unit has now been moved to RH Alexandria Hospital in Paisley for further modifications to the lower right structure of the unit20181023_190411

All I can say is, beware of a Johnny mounted BMW in your mirrors, it probably is going faster than it should




New Year Lunch 6th January 2019

When we were young and beautiful, this event was preceded by our infamous Hangover Run. Now that we’re older, wiser & not so pretty, AND finding it difficult to manoeuvre or even manage a “leg over” (the the motorcycle), we’ve turned into pansies-

hence this luncheon occasion, which has turned out to be very successful. despite having to pay individually for it.

No matter, very good value- the food & staff were great & we, some 50 plus, really enjoyed ourselves.

Hop- along Johnny was upright again, mostly thanks to the Saintly Cathie-  how she has the patience!!! He still was a laff- good on you!DSC03202

Many “volunteered” to organise Sunday Runs- much appreciated, so we should have an event calendar looking further ahead than 2 weeks!! just like Ulster 30 MCC

The highlight was our favourite GRUMPY receiving the Willie Baird Annual Trophy (donated by Ron Spinks). He has been an inspiration with his photos in our Web Page, which lightens up the boring text- like wot this is.DSC03210

Roll on better weather, so we can get some adrenaline pumping. Some of us don’t have scooters you know (Ron) so we are more wimpish as a result. However, in early course-DSC03192 DSC03194DSC03195 DSC03198 DSC03199 DSC03233