Roasty roasty Sunday 25th August 2019

By Jings, the film melted in my mobile camera, so it did, as can be seen. Rubbish fotos, wish Grumpy had been there.

Wish him well, we need him. On the mend, so he tells me.

Met at Gouldings which was fine & cool, but eventually, we emerged into the Sahara and couldn’t wait to get moving.

Thru Lanark & straight ahead via Peebles to stop in the shade in Innerleithan

The roads were remarkably empty and once over the hills we turned right at Jarrow (because the road to Sami Lyngs was closed, or so I thought- big trouble)

Tibie Shiels was covered from head to toe with foreign motorbikes from England (they should have been watching the Test match instead). So we gave it the thumbs down and hoofed it to Moffat.

Here it was busy. we tried to have lunch at the Balmoral, our usual preference but were not prepared to wait 1½ to 2 hours for lunch!

3 doors away was an alternative & while not up to our usual standard, sufficient unto the day.

Returned home as far as poss,via the A74, which is always more pleasant than the the M74

Grand day, shower calling!