Camping Weekend 4-6th October 2019

This is a regular event usually organised by Bill Davies and his best pal Jimmmy Mac

This year however, numbers were seriously down despite the event being centred around the official 300th Anniversary of Belhaven Breweries. I say 300th, but it is known that a brewery existed there possibly from the 13th Century-  those drunken Monks ye ken.

Talking of drunks, your representatives at this particular event were forced to keep sampling the latest array of beers. They’re really on the ball here with a wide variety to suit most tastes. Our latest victim, Dave had the effrontery to go to the shop and select some samples to take away. well you should have seen what they threw  at him and said, you can have this £xxx worth for a FIVER!!!.

At the end 4 stayed at the Hillside Hotel, while the 2 hardy anals camped.

Dinner for all at the Hillside was first class, and a very good wine for a bargain price.

The next day, sore heads or no, Dave headed off home to save his fab model train layout from the impending visit of a certain grandson, while the remaining five went on a tour of the area propelled, ever so gently by Bill.

We went along the North Sea Coast, stopping first of all in Duns at the newly refurbished Jim Clark Museum. What a great place, small, but beautifully formed.

His history graphically illustrated together with a Lotus Cortina and a Grand Prix Racing Lotus.

Thence to Eyemouth, MASSIVE fish & chips, Sally seal waiting for victuals in the harbour, a sign on a boat succinctly letting you know what the fishermen thought of the EU

A tour by St Abbs (throwing it down) and then we  passed  Torness Power Station and off home to Dunbar

Dinner at the Hillside again first class and a more seemly bed time.

Sunday was a hellish wet start, especially for John Mitchell, our only biker, although with heated bum seat and a 65″ screen., and hunners of ponies at his disposal which he could hardly use.

A quick break at Dobbies Edinburgh & off home instead of the scheduled stop at the Shale Museum in Livingstone- perhaps another time

Not many but great chums and NO HASSLE- fab, fab, fab.


Thanks to Bill & Jim


Willie remembering the added cost of his front tyre some 2 years ago, when an over-enthusiastic Yellow Peril, (who admitted to hating motorcyclists), booked Willie for having about 4 mms of his front tyre over the yellow line. B-stardo!!! (not Willie)