David Kerr’s Annual Film Show. 3 February 2020

David very kindly supports the Club with his entertaining and varied Film Shows annually.

A good turnout- perhaps 20 souls were entertained to 3 films- all VERY interesting.

The first, which is very apposite today, reminded us of Donald, later, Sir Donald Campbell, son of the real deal Sir Malcolm Campbell.

Appropriate, as this film related to Donald’s attempt to beat John Cobb’s record, on the salt (not so flats) near Central Australia. A SCORCHING environment & small community, surviving, more or less on the by-products of sheep. This locality was chosen as it seldom rained here; indeed it had been dry for something like 7 years. The locals sorted out a run of some 15 miles in the sand, & progressively, Bluebird achieved 260 mph.

The time had arrived to have a full GO AT IT, and would you believe it, it rained, & rained. (Sound familiar?)

Eventually the effort was aborted and some 16,000 sheep re-occupied the land.

PS. Coincidentally, Sir John Cobb was also killed trying to beat the world water speed record on Loch Ness.


Kenny MacKaskill featured in the next film, this time based on challenges within a fully loaded Gym. Many hazards finally accomplished, after many, many calamities. The guy’s still intact- how in hell—?


Finally, and very amusing was the main motorcycle classic race in Goodwood. This featured a compulsory change of rider, and swimming pool weather. We all had a great laff, especially when a loony rider on a 1933 Rudge Ulster saw off most of the Manx Nortons (many “modern” short strokes) and the like.

His advantage was the wet and no brakes which resulted in mind blowing corner speeds. His other advantage was leaving his brains behind in the pits and the power of prayer.

Well done David, a great night.