Grumpy’s Film Show 2-3-2020

This time it was our pet photographer’s turn to strut his stuff. 

You may recall from a previous post, that we received a box of slides from Jake Dale, the late Jim Dale’s brother.

Jim was a founder Member of our Club, along with the likes of Bill Sandford, Willie Baird, and an other who had sewn up pockets, but whose name I can’t recall.

So our Grumpy used these slides as a foundation for the show, especially, as Bill Sandford managed to join us, as he was the most likely guy to identify the early photos. Grumpy had added a selection of older, coloured photos which some of the audience could recall

All went exceedingly well with our Chairman doing the voice overs, more like shout overs- so a flurry of ear plugs being inserted, said it all.

A significant turnout for a Winter’s night, of some 20 hardies, awaiting the pestilence of Corona to descend on us & spoil our runs- better not!!!

Thanks Norrie- the boy dun good converting the slides to enable a proper film show to take place.

(I’ve got to say, that Botox & Grecian 2000 combination is better than I ever dreamed of)

A small selection from the film show.

WSVMCC Run 1982

WSVMCC Run 1982

WSVMCC Run 1982