Double Header 8th & 9th August 2020



No sooner that, under instruction, I advised by Web AND email the there would be a Club Run on Sunday, then that Monster invited Me to join a number going on the Saturday, as well. So another email inviting all.

Well, you should have heard Die Drachen (dragon), Jan Galloway- well you might have done if you were only 10 miles away- no way Hose!

So Saturday seemed the better option for me. We 7 met at B’riggs & then to Canal 49 near Linlithgow. Despite all the hassle re Covid, they did a good job with real plates etc. We sat outside (note Ron) and it was ab fab. We could have stayed there all day. Some Clever Clogs had voted to go up the East Fife Coast (I thought he was mad!)

Sure enough, after waiting 10 minutes (despite jumping the queues), we finally got onto the Queensferry Crossing. Common sense then prevailed & Johnny led us via Knockhill, Braco to Crieff (traffic was not bad) and the Garden Centre at the 30 MPH limit. It was deadly quiet, but very enjoyable. Again we didn’t eat like heathens, and again outside- perfect. By the way, the weather was glorious.

Then the decision to go the reverse route home- namely by Aberfeldy, Kenmore, Killin, where we stopped for the same reason Ian had abandoned us at Crieff- Ian Hamiltonitis- AKA sore bum syndrome.

Since the A81 was partially closed we were forced to go by Kilmahog thru the Trossachs, Duke’s Pass to Aberfoyle, where the remainder (Minus Les) indulged ourselves, OUTSIDE again, Ron. Food was very good, the toilets distinctly suspect.

Have to say, one of the most enjoyable days out  made perfect by the weather and the company, especially the ladies who gave us a air of respectability.



This was the original official Day Out, ruined, to an extent by the Run the day before

However, the lads, as can be seen, had a great time. Tarbert, Green Welly, towards Oban and lunch at Poppies, one of our favourite spots, great views.

A burst down to Lochgilphead, which might not have been a dawdle.

The Run could have been spoiled as Grumpy had last serviced his bike 10 years ago. and as a result, oil had escaped from the clutch housing, meaning he’s had a swollen left wrist ever since.

Apparently, engine oil in the Clutch is not as terminal as anticipated & he got home OK. Bike still not serviced.

They returned by Dunoon and the Western Ferry. Seemed the last day of Summer???