Covid Inspired Run 20th Sept 2020

First of all- my error, noticed by Die Dachen (Mrs G). Michael Fish, not Malcolm Fish or thereby.

Again, weather NOT as advised by BBC. Poor Fiona  & Aly in leather trousers as no rain in Helensburgh when they left. Not so in Glasgow area, but not throwing it down

Johnny led from Newton Mearns, via the old A77, to Kilmarnock & then (no choice) M77 to South of Ayr.. Turned towards Dalmellington, then the fabulous Road to Carsphairn. Cafe closed so off to Moniaive to Thornhill for lunch.

More climaxes as we went via the Dalveen Pass to Abington for fuel & thence to the Clyde Valley via great roads, and to Gouldings new place, Valley View. Great atmosphere & food AND Company. Again we missed Sorearse at the last loop as his BMW 1000 RRRR has a plank for a seat. He, hopefully, has finally ordered some Gel Pants

Difficult times, but you can, with a bit of effort & discipline get to enjoy yourself.A few Dalveen Pass photos.


Covid 19 Run 15th September 2020

This was supposed to take place in VERY sunny weather, as forecast even as late as the day before.

As luck had it, Malcolm Fisher returned from his retirement to put the mockers on it.

It was fair stotting when rising and no sooner had the writer taken his waterproofs out, the bold Johnny rang to inform he had a number of call-offs and the Run was cancelled. I replied that there might be tougher members waiting and we would have to turn up in case there were such idiots.

Sure enff, one had travelled some 200 miles to be there (Kenny Hair,) and Dave McDonald and his colleague Ron were also present.

We gave our apologies and buggered off- no we didn’t!

We felt it would be useful to see how we got on in the cafe under the new Covid restrictions. The Staff were up to speed, and confirmed, 2 max to each table as a Group & sit well apart. As can be seen, this worked out fine-  although, if there were 20 of us we would take up the whole place, which we did, in any case.

The 2 Car drivers (Johns) returned to the bosoms of their families, and the others, I understand, just farted about.

Provisionally, next Run, Sunday 20th Sept. Keep a look out