Freedom 16th and 23rd April 2021

Quote- It’s not the end, nor is it the beginning of the end, rather it is the end of the beginning.

Yahoo- we finally got out Officially- no mention of others- what others?

On the first of these Fridays, JG had worked out a route almost sans traffic for most of the way. 

Starting in ASDA B’riggs, over the Campsies, Kippen, Thornhill and Doune. In Doune, the main hotel was closed but had left out the tables & benches for our benefit.

So we sat in the sun having a chat as one does, watching a dog going through it’s paces- stupid mutt.

Then via Cromlix House to Braco and the long winding road to Cultybraggan, but Horrors of Horrors, our special outdoor loo was being restored to its former use, a tin can. So, on to Crieff and lo and behold, the loo was open with running water as well as piss!

So again we were favoured by the Gods, Tullybannocher shed was closed but benches were left out for us. They even had a wooden train for our Fat Controller to play with. Sunshine and motorbikes whizzing past- ahh, just like the good old days!

Johnny then took over and ever so gently led us to Lochearnhead and Callander. He & Bobby went over the Duke’s Pass and then home.

Have to say, we were amazed at the lack of traffic, given it was the first day of a significant reduction in restrictions. Roll on next Friday


Friday 23rd April.

Again, Members of the Club were noted for their absence. No MOTs, even for the bikes. What a shower!

However, so much the better, as it turned out. We met Bobbie en route to Galston (he had a Covid Test). Johnny then took us on a most fabulous route, some 50 plus miles to Straiton. Wonderfull roads- WELL DONE YOU.

We met the real bikers then, Drew’s Crew and had a splendid lunch in the field behind the pub, in the very hot sunshine. John even switched off the batteries in his socks and gilet!

Loadsa chat and updated stories, some good, some not so good. We’re getting older, and it shows, unfortunately. We need fresh blood or certainly a doze of Viagra!

Nevertheless, an exciting journey to Newton Stewart for more coffee & eats and sunshine. Loads of it. Suitable seating left out for us again. We split there & the Northeners went home via New Galloway and back roads till 10 miles short of Glasgow. Traffic there was as per pre Covid- no change- who is working from home?

So far, no progress re getting use of our Clubhouse yet. Johnny is going to try to persuade them to let us meet outside if we can get access to the kitchen and loo. You will be advised

Next run, we’ll advertise properly. Please turn up & keep the Club running- ie., fingers out.


Meeting at Church Uplawmoor. Car park only. Wee before you leave home.