Feeding Frenzy Sunday 27th June 2021

Now you should all be familiar with the structure of these posts. Some scenery, some bikes and bikers, but most of all, the amount that our Members can consume.

Of course, we have had a good & consistent teacher, namely Grumpy. Although, today, he was more restrained than normal. he’s seeing his Doctor tomorrow to check all is Hunky Dory.

Delighted when 11 turned up at Milton. There must have been hunners of bikers out- such a glorious day. The only real downside were all these bloody cars and most of all Camper Vans. An abomination

We travelled for breakfast at Caulders near Balloch & then a great run over the Duke’s Pass to Killin, where we stopped for a break.

The run from Killin to Kenmore is a dream, loads of tourists there. Then the short jump to Aberfeldy, again, a great road.

Lunch was booked at The Fountain, outside, and it was perfect. really nice staff. and great food

An overload of orgasmic roads. After fuelling, the road to Crieff was not busy and, given the weather, very enjoyable. all of us on the same wavelength speed-wise, so no stragglers.

Stopped at our usual Tullybannocher, sitting outside, some prostrate on the grass, idyllic!

We were aware that as we would get near Callander the traffic might be “challenging” And so it transpired. Some of us risked overtaking the virtually static traffic queue, others, wimps, took the sensible alternative to return via The Trossachs. Altogether, one of the best runs indeed.

North West Passage Oban 13th June 2021

Since we anticipated heavy traffic we met at 9.30 at Dumbuck. Some 10 of us, with Paul, a new addition, in his splendid BMW. We were joined for a few minutes by Arthur McKay, who seemingly has mini strokes now and again, and certainly before he parked up his bike to meet us! He’s a great guy and a Real Member. Go to it young man!

So off to Arrochar for an outdoor breakfast, and up The Rest to Inveraray for a comfort stop. We seemingly booked Poppies, but our local yokel, Eoghain, warned that they didn’t take bookings.

So we had a great run towards Oban, but sure enuff, Poppies had honoured the booking and we had a splendid lunch with fab views. Seafood is their strong point.

So off to Oban, absolutely heaving; fuelled up, and a fab run to Lochgilphead, with the forecast rain coming to nothing. Certain parties had prayed that Johnny would stop there and “gie us a brek”, but no, we had to suffer all the way to inveraray.

There, thank Goodness, ice creams and cool water enabled recovery. Here we met Ronnie McLeod, in his motor, but he threatened to join us at Sheila’s Diner just short of Dunoon. This is where we headed to, other than John, who took up the challenge of overtaking 3000+ cars going down the A82.

The bulk (well named) then took the ferry back to the Mainland.

Normandy Sunday 2021

A much more enjoyable event than for those who sacrificed their lives & well being for our benefit. Rest in Peace.

We met at ASDA Bishopbriggs with Brunch booked and in mind, at Bridge 49, near Linlithgow. David, our latest Member joined us with his very smart & shiny Enfield 650. Very nice too.

John flew ahead to Br 49 as we were running late & tables were in great demand.

The journey was fine, good country roads. From the pics, you’ll appreciate why Br 49 is so popular PLUS the food is first class.

Then we went North & veered off for the Clackmannan Crossing over the Forth. After a short but enjoyable run to Glendevon where we stopped for Grumpy’s Ass to restart circulation and take pics.

A fab run then via Glendevon itself, Gleneagles, then by a devious route to the outskirts of Crieff and finally to Tullybannocher Cafe where our Fat Controller re-united with his favourite Chuff-Chuff.

Out in the fresh and warm air- absolutely magic. A number of older motorcycles were parked there, a couple of BSAs and a Pre-unit Triumph. The one that caught the eye was the BSA M9 with what appeared to be a coffin sidecar. But it was rather a posh box, which would easily convert for the afore-mentioned purpose. It was absolutely mint..

“Johnny drive madly” then took over to Lochearnhead. This left a couple well behind, but the caring JG waited for what seemed forever, for the stragglers to catch him up. So having done his duty he fair enjoyed himself catching Johnny et all just at Kilmahog, where we waited patiently for Elliot & Grumpy to join us. But no, Blind Pew decided to ignore us, so we just went viaThe Trossachs to Aberfoyle. From there ,home sweet home.

What a FAB DAY.