Summer- just & good grub—-However —-Tuesday 10th August 2021


We met in a theoretically dry day forecast 

However, we were all sceptics & favoured covered leathers, or full Monties- just as well!

Met at Waitrose Newton Mearns as can be seen. Also seen is Richards almost new KTM 1301 Twin. Lovely bike with good looking panniers, if the rider is not so glam. Sorry- you’ll pass muster.

Johnny, as usual set off South on varied but enjoyable roads. We went via Galston and avoided the M77 to end up, eventually at Clatteringshaws on the way to Newton Stewart- for lunch outside.

As we dismounted, we (sharp as tacks) noticed that the fab KTM was missing, as was the rider. After a couple of panic phone calls, Richard responded that he would join us, but had had “a wee incident”

So us caring folks hoofed it for lunch, and, sure enuff, in due course a wounded Richard limped towards us, and undeterred ate his lunch, like a good boy. We sought some Gaffa tape from the cafe, who obliged and wound yards of the stuff round his right leg and boot to keep the material together. His under garments, leather, I believe, saved him from serious damage..

The bike, unfortunately not so pretty now, but repairable. Richard has been checked out and is OK, essentially. Speedy recovery & return.